Monday, September 14, 2020

Book Review: Miss Understood

Happy Monday! I know, Mondays are gross, but we're going to go into today hoping for the best, alright? I have a really busy week and I'm half excited to have things to do, a set schedule, but also already overwhelmed and wanting to just cover my head with a pillow. So I'm going to get through the week, and I have a few book reviews for you this week and maybe some other fun posts, so stay tuned for those!

Miss Understood - Miranda Elaine and Amie Knight

I've waited my whole life to catch her. They call her a criminal. A con-woman. A thief and too wild for her own good. But me? I just call her mine. --Officer Nathan Trent.

He's one of the good guys. Honorable. Reliable. I’ve loved him since we were kids. But there's no way I’ll let my wild ways tarnish his squeaky clean reputation. No matter how badly I wish he was mine. --Tillie Coletrain
Full stop, this is book two in a duet and I really think you have to read the first book, Miss Apprehended. Just know that going in. Don't let that overwhelm you because both books are less than 100 pages each so you will fly through both of these in a day.

You also need to go into these knowing these are a bit over the top in an absurd way. Is it reasonable to get married to someone in a day? No, that's nuts. The absurdity of it is what makes it fun and its what makes you laugh, and frankly, that is the kind of book we need right now. 

The story revolves around Tillie, basically the town's white trash bouncing checks all over town. Nate is a police officer charged with bringing her to justice. Well, he does that and it's hot but also unrealistic at minimum. We find out why Tillie is the way she is, and like her sister, she's kind of an idiot who doesn't understand that other people can and will help you. 

Overall, this was fun, I laughed a few times, and I really liked Nate the most. If I had to give a critique, I kind of wish there was more between Nate and Tillie. I feel like there was more between our main characters in book one, but this isn't a deal breaker. Also? Hannah! I want more of Hannah, especially after this story, what the heck?! Haha! 

I gave book one a 5 star, but this one is only a 4 star for me, it didn't feel as strong as the first one. It was still fun, it helped get me through my crappy mood yesterday. If you need a solid pick me up, or you are trying to hit your Goodreads goal and need some shorter books, these would be a fun duo to get into. 

Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for having me on this tour and sending me ARC's of both books!

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