Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Getting Crafty With It..

Do you set any goals for yourself for the year? Not really resolutions, but a goal that you're really going to try to accomplish?  

One of my goals was to get back into crafty things. I've kind of slacked off the last few years, and I think part of it is just my brain isn't as creative as it was. Give me something to copy or follow directions and I can kind of do it, or at least turn my mistakes into an OK result, you know? But the last couple of weeks I decided I'm going to give it a try. 

Sure, it was kind of out of necessity, I needed two birthday cards and a thank you card and I had none. Out of principle, I just refuse to spend $5 on a card at Target that we all know is going to get tossed. I just can't, but also, it's not in my budget and that's that. 
Yes, the argument of "these are more than $5 in supplies" and while that is true, I think the time I put into them adds a little extra to it. Like I cared enough to make this for you. Anyways. Over the course of three days I ended up making 18 cards, so not bad. I'm going to try to make one set (of 5 or 6) each week. 

The other thing I really want to learn this year? 
Embroidery! I bought my first easy pattern (I just have to print it out), and since I have absolutely no embroidery experience, I need to learn how. Of course, literally no place has classes, so I have seen this book heavily recommended on tons of forums and websites so I'm going for it. 
I also picked this one up because again, it was recommended by so many, and I've paged through it and it seems pretty helpful. It might be more helpful once I get going and a basic idea of what the heck I'm doing. So... cross your fingers this doesn't end up a complete disaster. HA! 

I won't even mention that I've fallen hard through the TikTok crafty hole but yeah... I'm there. Stay tuned. 

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