Saturday, April 16, 2022

Book Review: Tough Justice from Tee O'Fallon

Happy Easter weekend, lambs! I hope you have some time to read at least a little bit, I know I have two books I'm hoping to finish this weekend, so cross my fingers! I'm finding it to be super hard to read while I'm dizzy and/or nauseous, so that's a fun new thing. On the other hand, constant insomnia means I can read and thankfully, a reading light doesn't bother Matt while he sleeps, so we're back in busy, baby!

Tough Justice - Tee O'Fallon

A thrilling, fast-paced romantic suspense perfect for fans of Piper J. Drake and Katie Ruggle from a former federal agent. When a DEA special agent and his K-9 companion team up with an ER doctor to investigate a public health crisis, chemistry sizzles. But the danger is far closer than they ever imagined…
If you've been around these parts awhile, you know that romantic suspense is one of my favorite genres, yet I'm not reading a ton of them right now. Tee O'FAllon has me changing my ways and ordering a few more because this was so good. The best part? This is the start of her new K-9 Special Ops series, but I can already tell these will be great stand alones, but I am a fan of getting in on the start of a series. I'm that person that once I jump in, I have to follow to the end because there is clearly something wrong wiht me. Good news though, is this one was so good and had me hooked to the end, I am already wanting book two!

I knew I was going to love this one right away when our female lead character, Dr. Tori Sampson, literally puts our male lead, special agent Adam (Deck) Decker, in his place. The ER is her battleground and she is the only one calling the shots around there, much to Deck's chagrin. Our major plot centers around a rash of overdoses involving a new opiod street drug that is taking more lives than imagined, causing authorities to believe this isn't just the work of a powerful drug dealer, but maybe a serial killer of sorts. In a turn of events, despite kind of being on each other's nerves (in all the best ways, of course), Deck and Tori have to work together to solve the crime but also figure out how to help these people falling victim to the lethal drug. Oh, and we have a really cute police dog in the mix and now I am in love with police dogs in books. 

The book comes in at just under 400 pages, but don't let that deter you, because you will fly through this. Tee O'Fallon does such a great job balancing the suspense with the romance that you never feel like one is overpowering the other, and both are pulling you through the book. If you read a lot of suspense you will definitely figure out who the bad guy is, but I didn't think it took away from the story at all. The romance between Tori and Deck was really good and didn't feel forced, you know? Of course I loved Deck, but I liked Tori too, because I am always here for a smart female lead that can stand up for herself and hold her own, which describes Tori perfectly. 

If you are looking for a fast read, or you're a fan of romantic suspense in general, definitely pick this one up. This was my first read from Tee O'Fallon and I really liked her writing and how she kept me moving through the book, so I have been adding more of her books to my list (and shopping cart... ahem.... don't tell Matt!). Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Amara Publishing for sending me a copy for review! I definitely suggest adding this to your TBR and picking a copy up!

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