Saturday, April 30, 2022

Book Features.... something for everyone

I have SO many books to share with you, and the only way to do this is to give you a whole bunch of features! There really is something for everyone here and I can't wait to see which one(s) you pick, you'll have to let me know. 

Sean D. Young brings us Secrets from the Heart, the second book in her Clover Creek series, but definitely a stand alone, so don't fret. 

I really loved this one, you can get through it quickly, and if you love a good small town romance with the friends to lovers trope...this one is for you. We've got long buried family secrets, long standing family feuds, and almost a Romeo and Juliet/kind of a forbidden love romance carrying this book through. Sometimes I'm in need of a book that is screaming, "Make me a Hallmark movie!" and this one is definitely giving those vibes start to finish. 

Now that I've read this one I have to go back and get the first book, Claiming the Doctor's Heart, which let's be honest- sounds just as great as this one. 

Claim Your Dream Life by Dawn Fleming is one that not only did I read, but Matt, my non-reader husband has been going through it! This is a quick, to-the point how-to book that we can all understand and use. It's not full of the confusing jargon none of us understand, even though we totally say we do. (GUILTY)

Even if you aren't totally sure what you want to do in retirement, that's completely OK. You don't have to nail that down right now, but you can start your planning now and worry about that later. 

I completely loved this and it got my wheels turning and hopefully Matt and I can really make a plan because the idea of living in Wisconsin and our never ending winter, awful, cold, and windy weather is enough to make me jump off the bridge. 

Girl in Ice by Erica Ferencik was definitely interesting and reminded me of Dean Koontz's Icebound, which I read in middle school.. which seems weird as an adult, and Shiver by Allie Reynolds. I think the setting of a freezing cold land puts any mystery up on the creepy scale, and this one was no different. It's a perfect winter read to fit into if you're like me and forever waiting for spring. 

The idea that we are thawing people alive is a little far fetched.. (right?!?!), I feel like a fun mystery/thriller/suspense almost has to have something our brains can't quite comprehend, right? It is weird that the book takes place in 2023, it almost seems like it should be several decades further out. It tackles climate change and how we're basically ruining the planet, which makes me wish this was written further into the future. 
Books about secrets in the family tree are always fun for me because I feel like none of us really know about our family members long before us. Even our parents.. do we really know all of the secrets of their lives? Yeah... no. 

Strangers We Know by Elle Marr is exactly that. Imagine getting sick, taking a genetic test to see what's what, and suddenly the freaking FBI is at your door letting you know you're somehow related to a serial killer. It's not a far fetched idea, several crimes have been solved in recent years thanks to genetic tests, so this one had me absolutely sucked in. I flew through this one in a weekend and has now made me want to take all of the genetic tests. Is that creepy? Yeah... it kind of is.... but I'm still going to do it! The idea that our genetic tests are being watched in some way feels icky on one hand, but then on the other, if it brings closure to families? Maybe solves crime and lock criminals up? I'm all in. 

Speaking of nutjobs... this book was incredibly fascinating! Donna Andersen brings us Senior Sociopaths: How to Recognize and Escape Lifelong Abusers brings some insanly scary facts that seem obvious given what we know about mental health, but still staggering. Approximately 14 million people over the age of 50 could have antisocial, narcissistic, borderline, or histrionic personal disorder, or psychopathy. Of course, if you are watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, you're maybe learning about some of these avenues of mental health, I know I am. 

This book is absolutely full of these facts, information about interesting studies that cover things I never would have thought about, while connecting the dots with real-life stories and examples to make it more understandable. You can read a definition and think you get it, but having a true story really explain it is so nice. 

If you're a true crime fan, which I totally am as I currently listen to a true crime podcast, you will really enjoy this book. (I feel like it's weird to say you'll enjoy a book about sociopaths, but here we are.)

A huge thank you to TLC Book Tours, PR by the Book and Thomas & Mercer for sending me copies of all of these books for review! Hopefully I have added a few more to your ever growing TBR. 

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