Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I hope you don't think that just because I'm a Debbie Downer as of late I plan to bring you down as well. Oh no. I'll leave you with an update on the newest member of the Strand family.

Meet Twinky.
 Twinky (the dinky dog) (yes, he's named after a children's book) is a Morkie. (Yorkie/Maltese mix). He is super cute and cuddly. He lays on his back a lot so you can see his boy bits.

He chases cats, prefers cat toys over dog toys, really loves his stuffed monkey and likes to chew pillows if left on the ground.
 He is also called Piddle Pants because he will pee wherever the hell he wants to. Specifically, he will pee anywhere EXCEPT his wee wee pad. He likes to poop right under my desk as well as next to my reading chair in the front porch. And drag some chewed up pillow near it in case I didn't notice all of the pillow fluff before.
 He is most active in the morning and will play dead when he knows it's time for his before bed walk with Matt. And Matt looks hilarious walking this dog because the "walk" consists of Matt carrying him a few blocks first otherwise he will not go anywhere. So picture Matt, a grown ass man, carrying this tiny dog around and then saying, "GOOD JOB, Twinky!!" when he poops.

It's hilarious, people.
The kids love the dog. Olivia maybe a little bit more. I think Jackson is a little scared of him but clearly, Twinky loves Jackson. Like a lot. Follows him everywhere. And he looks EXACTLY like Jackson's beloved stuff animal dog who we call Doggie.

Having a dog over cats is HARD. The cats hate him. Mostly Lola because she's the only one with a tail and I think Twinky sees it as a moving toy. Batman and Stumpy don't really care so long as Twinky doesn't eat out of their food bowl because *god forbid* those cats have to live on their fat stores.

So as if we don't have enough happening at once in our house, we now have a dog.

We are officially insane.


Unknown said...

you're making my baby belly hurt b/c I'm laughing so hard. Yeah, I don't mind dogs, as long as they AREN'T MY RESPONSIBILITY. I hate how they smell, piss and shit anywhere they damn well please. I'll take my shedding fluff ball of aloofness any day!

Ruth said...

He looks just like a dog my grandma had. His name was Brutus.
He's a cutey!

Julie H said...

What a cutie! I never thought I'd like a dog more than cats but sometimes they grow on ya :)

Kendra said...

So I just had to comment, as I am married to the artist who did Twinky the Dinky Dog -- I was searching for reviews of the book, and came across your post. Twinky is BEYOND cute, and I LOVE (of course) that you named him after the book! If you'd like to see Winston, who is the inspiration for the book illustrations, here he is: