Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer is HERE

I have been desperate for warmer weather since pretty much the end of last summer. Yes, I realize that I live in Northern Wisconsin so that means it's only warm for maybe three months and that's not even consistent. My body is not meant to be cold. It's just not. Sadly, Matt refuses to move so I'm basically stuck here.

But it's summer now, and it's warm. AND the kids are officially out of school! For awhile, I thought this school year would never end, but then all of a sudden it did and I have no idea how it happened.
Jackson said good bye to first grade. He leaves having learned how to do double digit adding and subtracting, telling time, reading chapter books, and being able to write fictional, non-fictional, and opinion pieces. And a whole bunch more.
Olivia chucked deuces at third grade. She's an excellent reader, master multiplier, doing well with fractions and divisions, really improved her writing and writes elaborate stories with great detail. She even had a part in a "Geology Rocks!" play, she did really well!
The kids on their last day of school, insisting on having Penelope in the picture.
But then of course, one without Penelope too.

Now that summer has officially begun I am fresh out of ideas on what the hell we're going to do every day. Stay tuned and as I find things, I'll share them. The nice thing is that we've gone on a few walks already with Penelope and the great part is she no longer cries when there is a breeze. Handy, since there always seems to be one here. I tried to sit her in grass today and the entire neighborhood is now aware she is not a fan of grass.

I do have a couple of fun day trips planned and I'm biting the bullet and looking at community calendars for things to do. I'm normally not a fan of that stuff because I don't like socializing with people for the most part. I don't want to hear about your mommy group, the products you're shilling to lose the baby weight, and you can shove your essential oils up your rear because I don't care.

So it should end well, right?

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The Flynnigans said...

How's it going with the kids so far this week?!

Love Liv's pretty dress. She's a tall girl eh?

Hope you're having a fab day girl! Xox