Monday, June 1, 2015

Winner and One Month.

Before I totally forget, let's announce the winner of a copy for their very own of It's Not Me, It's You!

Lucky number 7 belongs to Shann Eve, so YAY! I will be in touch with you Shann, and I'd love to hear what you think of the book!

The big milestone over the last week is that Penelope is officially one month old.
Let that sink in. Four weeks ago, I gave birth to a third tiny little human. Which is kind of strange when I think of it. I've had a lot of alone time with just her and this is the most different parenting experience to date. For one, I'm far more confident than I was with Olivia, but less than with Jackson. I think time has put a dent in my skills because I find myself sometimes feeling like I'm re-learning everything. It's a bit unsettling, to be honest.
Thankfully, she's a really good baby. Honestly. I might complain about being ridiculously tired, but it's not totally her fault. Matt gets up with her 100% of the time at night (glorious), but I'm finding that while I do get to sleep, I'm not really in a deep sleep so I still wake up exhausted. I'm not totally sure what that's about, but it's annoying.
Over the course of a month Penelope has definitely grown, and I can safely say that I think my arms will be in nice shape by the end of summer if her weight gain is any indication. She still has a bunch of hair, though her cheeks are definitely getting chunkier. She looks a LOT like Olivia but sometimes when she smiles she looks just like Jackson.
She poops a lot. And I mean literally every diaper change is poop. Every one. I don't think I have ever had just pee. Which, yay? I mean, at least I don't have to worry about her having constipation issues like Olivia? That's the positive, clearly.
The kids are absolutely in love with her. Often they fight over who gets to sit with her while I get dressed and pee alone. Penelope very much enjoys staring at her big sister and big brother, so that's fun.
She's just getting to the point where she can focus on a toy in your hand and she really enjoys different fabrics. Anything silky is her favorite, with yarn being a close second. We've gone on a few walks around the neighborhood and doing that while walking a dog really sucks, so hopefully that gets easier soon. This is the last week where it's just her and I at home, the kids are done with school on Friday. I'm not sure if I'm thrilled about this or not? I'm kind of loving my time alone with her. What perplexes me is that while I'm still dealing with some depression issues, I feel the closest with Penelope. Like, her and I are bonding way better than I did with my other two babies. To the point where I don't want to leave her. I did leave her with  my mom on Friday for a few hours and it was hard. God knows my mom snuggled her a ton and she was in great hands, but it was weird. It was the first time I ever felt guilty leaving my kiddo with someone. Definitely a strange feeling.

I think tomorrow her and I are going to attempt to run some errands. Hopefully it goes better than the Target trip from last week. More on that tomorrow.


thotlady said...

Cute, cute, cute.

The Flynnigans said...

I literally cannot believe she's already a month old. Time needs to stop, or pause.

I always look forward to Penelope pictures :)