Thursday, October 8, 2015

OwlCrate #1

Don't even tell me I am out of control with the book subscription boxes. (I'm looking at you, Shirley) because these have become the greatest part of my month. Honestly, I wish they were all spread out over the month so my absolute joy is not limited to the last week of the month. The high is over before I know it, lambs.

This month the theme for OwlCrate was "leading ladies" so I thought, OK- this really could go anywhere.
I have obsessively stalked their Instagram page and when they said they had openings (I was on a wait list), I jumped on it!
FINALLY, the box came. And it was... it was so great.
I got.. what is obviously going to be my "I'm too good for a traditional diaper bag" diaper bag- it says "The Brave and Fearless- Dauntless" and really, that's kind of a great parenting motto. We got a cool Game of Thrones key chain, $5 off at (which, I don't know what that is, but here's hoping I can find something cool?) a couple of post card type things I'm actually going to frame and have on my bookshelves because I like fun things on my shelves.
A close up of my keychain!
The book in this box came WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, which was... for a book nerd, it's exciting. But we get the book Dumplin, which is a YA book (OwlCrate is a YA box) and it looks so good. We got a sticker and letter from the author to go with it, always fun!

After unwrapping my box and then fangirling on the Instagram page for OwlCrate, I discovered I didn't have a necklace everyone else had. I then dug through my garbage thinking maybe I threw it out in the packing material or something. OF COURSE, we had spaghetti for dinner that night so I'm digging through the spaghetti trash looking and after 15 minutes decided that it just wasn't there.

So I comment on their post and immediately they tell me to email them. So I do and they have the GREATEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. No questions, just an apology and a tracking number for a new necklace.

No, I am not kidding. I was blown away and that alone keeps me for another month.
I got my necklace a few days later and it is gorgeous!!! It's a total shout out to Katniss from The Hunger Games and I am in love. It's, quite possibly, my favorite necklace. So if you are looking for a book subscription box.. this might be the one for you. It's a solid box of fun stuff, so I highly recommend it!

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Deeds said...

the swag in that box is awesome. i love that necklace.

Unknown said...

Um yeah. . . I'm going to need to steal that GoT keychain you got there. . . If you wanna just go ahead and drop it in the mail that would be great. . . hahaha!! Another box I need to subscribe to after the wedding. Cool stuff!

Crystal said...

I've wondered about OwlCrate. Thanks for this review! I'll definitely add them to the list to check out, after Lit Cube. :)

The Flynnigans said...

The necklace is quite nice. :)

Domicile 37 said...

cute! nice surprise in the box.

Unknown said...

Cool box! I've never even heard of Owlcrate, so now, of course, I need to check that out too. I love the key-chain, and the necklace is awesome. Big bonus points for good customer service!

Unknown said...

I'm judging you.