Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lit Cube #2

You guys! I've got a bunch of cool mail recently. Today I'll show you my second Lit Cube, the We'll Never be Royals themed box, but tomorrow I'll show you  my first OwlCrate!

So if you remember, last month was my first Lit Cube and it was an Oz themed box. The book I got with it, Spelled, wasn't totally awful but it really wasn't great, either. But the swag I got in that first box was pretty great. This month, equally nice box!
Easily the nicest item is the royal purple t-shirt that is a Game of Thrones/Star Wars mash up. I'm not a Star Wars fan but I do like the Game of Thrones, and the shirt is pretty fun so I do like that.  (Value $16.99)
We also got this 4 ounce mini mug, not totally sure what I'll use it for, but it IS cute! Currently, it's sitting on my bookshelf. (Value $7.99)

We also got a free audio book code ($7.99 value) which I won't use because I don't do audio books, so things like this are kind of a waste for me. Also we got a small tin of "Once Upon A Time Fandom Adagio Tea Blend" ($4.99 value) which again, I don't drink tea so I gave that to someone. Along with a few other bookmarks, including one that came with a bottle cap key ring, it was a decent little box.

The book Cage of Deceit by Jennifer Anne Davis ($12.99 value) also came with it. It's a YA book and it sounds... meh. I don't know. It might end up being really good but it'll be awhile before I get to it. It did come with a signed book plate for it, so that is always a fun thing to stick in the book.

Overall? Not a disappointing box at all. A lot of comments I've gotten have been, "Oh, well you could just go buy this stuff" and true, I totally could. Honestly though, I'm the worst online shopper (hate it) and I don't do well finding these types of things on my own. I keep saying it, but I really do need a responsible adult to take charge of my life. HA!

So that's the second Lit Cube. October is a "Supernatural Idgits" theme and that sounds... questionable. November is a vampire them and you know I am ALL OVER THAT, just take all of my money.

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Crystal said...

These are really cute items! Whenever people have the attitude of "you could just buy all that," they're really not the ideal customer for these types of things, I think. Yes, you could, but the idea behind is to get a package filled with surprise items that are specially curated due to a theme. It's the experience, along with the actual items. :) I think this looks like a cute subscription and I LOVE the theme for the November! I'll probably sign up. :)

Claire said...

Ah fun package to get! Yeh, you could just buy all that, but then you would be just like them and who wants that!?

Unknown said...

That shirt! Love it and seriously mug and tea. . . Yep, signing up. You sold me on it!

Domicile 37 said...

it must be like Christmas for you! 2 boxes up for review...Awesome.

Unknown said...

I have such a hardcore addiction to audio books.