Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Box Update, Owlcrate & Bookworm Box

I have so totally been slacking on showing you what I've gotten from both Owlcrate and The Bookworm Box. I have two months of each to show you and some thoughts from each.

First up, let's talk about the February "Sci-Fi Love" Owlcrate box. I'm not a fan of sci-fi so much and I was going to cancel, but this was the one I was getting for free because I had enough referrals, so I figured if it was super shitty, I'm only out the shipping.

Which was nice because it's kind of shitty. The books aren't ones I'd ever pick up in a store, the bag was lame because I didn't read that book and I donated it, and the Dr. Who wooden pin is going to be shipped to my friend who really likes Dr. Who (it's coming, Kim- I SWEAR). Overall I was pretty disappointed and the books are just on the shelf.

The very next day I got my February box from The Bookworm Box. You know I've been on the fence about this box since the start, and here I am, legs dangling over the fence, ready to jump off.
I have to say that the books look promising, and they have always been on point. The swag in this box is absolutely terrible and it makes me angry to essentially throw away all of the bookmarks and postcards each month. Oh, and the highlighter that doesn't work? Yeah, that was awesome.

I actually forgot to cancel my Owlcrate for March because for whatever reason, at age 34 I cannot wrap my head around the fact that February is the shortest month and it screws me up. So that arrived and I didn't hate it.
I'm not sure how I feel about the book because I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, but the swag this month was GREAT. I love the banned books socks, the cool little buttons, the feather pen (that writes SO WELL), and the bonus mini book 642 Tiny Things to Write About is next to my laptop and I hope to use that as blog inspiration. So I'm kind of happy that I didn't cancel because I would have been bummed to miss this stuff.

The Bookworm Box has switched how they mail our boxes out so apparently we don't get any kind of shipping notification this is coming, which is frustrating since this box is notorious for being really late. So imagine my surprise when this showed up to my house on Tuesday.
I hate to be a bitch about a box that donates the proceeds to charity. I hate to be that person because I love charities and helping causes out.


This box is almost $50 a month for me after shipping. And when you break down the value of your almost $50 to what you're getting, it's not even close. Every other book box out there you know that for your $30-40 a month you are getting well over that in stuff in your box. That's the fun little perk. The best part about The Bookworm Box is that you get two books every month versus one so that makes you feel like you're really getting something.

So yesterday, after throwing away a sticker, a weird cleaning cloth thing, a rubber bracelet, yet ANOTHER FUCKING PEN, and a pile of bookmarks and promotional materials, I'm left with two books. That's it. For almost $50. I decided to look on Amazon to see how screwed I'm really getting, because that always makes you feel better, doesn't it? Well Thizz is actually free on Kindle (if you have the unlimited, but $1.99 if not) but $11.99 for the paperback and One Pink Line is $9.99 for paperback, otherwise $3.99 for Kindle. Oh, but you can also buy One Pink Line for $1.02 used on Amazon if you aren't picky.

So at best, my books brand new cost what, $22? So over half of my money is literally being flushed down the toilet. Every month. And that's really disgusting to me because the idea of this box is genuinely good and I want to support it. It's just that they aren't really selling it. I certainly can't be the only customer feeling like we're being ripped off.

Which led me to finally cancel my subscription to The Bookworm Box. Which really sucks because it was my first, it was the one I was the most excited about, but jesus it really sucks. It has really become an awful waste of money. I'll keep my eye out and maybe if enough people complain it'll get better. I get that everything that goes into the box is donated by authors and whoever works for them to promote their stuff, I get that. But how is it that every other box is out there making a profit and still mailing out phenomenal boxes? It's like The Bookworm Box needs someone who is 100% dedicated to making this great versus an author who does this on the side while trying to write and promote her own stuff.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yeah, The Bookworm Box does not sound like it's done very well and you're really not getting enough for your money. Sorry it didn't work out! I subscribed to Owl Crate for a few months, and I liked it, but I had to quit because of money stuff. I might try again in the future. I actually really really want to read The Love that Split the World (I hear good things and the author is local to me so yay). I'm so jealous of the March box though. I really want to read The Serpent King and the rest of the items are soo fun.


Steff said...

That blows! That's why I stick with the free library. ;)