Friday, March 4, 2016

Romance When You Need It!

One of my favorite go-to reading genres is hands down romance, and nobody does romance like Harlequin. It's really not even close. Our mothers and grandmothers used to get the Harlequin book club books and I would be lying if I said those weren't the first things I look for at summer time yard sales! But Harlequin has really moved into different romance genres and if you haven't looked at them lately, you really should.

This video is SO great and honestly, this is basically my argument to myself as I'm standing in the middle of Barnes & Noble knowing full well I have an entire shelf of books at home I haven't read but let's be honest, sometimes you just need a romance novel.

This March, Harlequin kicks off the Romance When You Need It campaign with the launch of this awesome video. Whether you need an escape from your hectic day, or have some unexpected time to yourself (it's OK to lock yourself in the bathroom with kids on the other side) (assuming they are supervised and/or won't start a fire, of course) - you can count on Harlequin for a solid romance!

The best part? Sign up for their newsletter (HERE, just do it) and you can download 17 FREE BOOKS. Happy Friday, lambs.

PS) I am in no way responsible if a baby is a by-product of your romance novel reading.

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