Wednesday, June 8, 2016

31 weeks, still unnamed, and I kick up the crazy a notch.

Well being 31 weeks pregnant the fourth time around is... exhausting. This is the first pregnancy where the level of exhaustion is just unbelievable. I don't know if it's because I'm older, because it's my fourth pregnancy, or the fact that I'm busy in general chasing a toddler around but by noon I feel shot for the day. It's not practical for me to be taking a nap, mostly because then I don't sleep well at night, but man.

A nap would be SO nice.

Nesting is in full swing and I forgot to take a picture of the newly painted dresser but rest assured it's painted and in the room Fetus Four will be sharing with Penelope. It turned out so well. And yes, Fetus Four is still unnamed. We've got it down to Lucy Louise James or Eloise Barbara James (or maybe Eloise James Kay) but honestly, nothing jumps out at me. I hate leaving things to last minute but it seems to be the trend with this pregnancy so... yeah.

Another thing that's been bothering me? This constantly feeling that it's not really a girl. The ultrasound technician was only "pretty sure" it was a girl at 20 weeks, and that is just not good enough for me. I'm a planner through and through and I need to know, am I dealing with a penis or not? It's been SO hard to get a follow up ultrasound and at this point I'd rather not pay the added expense so I opted for the next best thing.
Yes, I made a special trip to a pharmacy 20 minutes from my house to buy a $40 gender prediction kit which has mixed reviews. Sometimes you just have to go with the crazy because it's easier for us all.
It said I had to use the first morning urine, but I decided my second morning urine would be just fine because I'm 31 weeks along and surely whatever turns this test either way would be able to be picked up in whatever pee I use. Basically, you pee in a cup and use the syringe to suck it up and squirt it into the bigger container, which looked like it had weird crystals in it. You swirl for a few seconds and wait five minutes. And whatever color your pee turned would determine the sex. Orange was girl, green was boy.
Clearly, mine came out orange. So if I end up with a little boy I will have a panic attack like no other folks. LIKE NO OTHER.

Other than that, week 31 is... week 31 I guess. I can't sleep. I feel like a beached whale. I feel MUCH larger this time around than any other, and the Braxten Hicks contractions are no joke. None. I got them with every pregnancy but it was just a "hey- my stomach is rock hard, that's cool" type thing and very random and I basically stopped noticing it at all. This time around I have thought perhaps I was in actual labor but then no, I fell asleep and all was well. So that freaks me out- am I going to go way early?? I'm not ready. I'm not ready at all.

I need to get ready.

Just in case.

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