Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lone Start Nights (and giveaway!)

I am on such a roll with books as of late and I am LOVING all of the Harlequin books I've gotten to review. I'm so excited. If they want to just mail me everything they have I would die a happy girl. Sigh.

Lone Star Nights (McCord Brothers #2) - Delores Fossen

No strings attached is pretty much Lucky McCord's calling card in Spring Hill, Texas, but when family is on the line, this cowboy's honor and heart are about to get lassoed, tied and branded

Every family needs its black sheep, and Austin "Lucky" McCord is happy to oblige. The bad-boy bull rider lives fast and loose, until his business partner leaves him an unexpected bequest. Suddenly Lucky is sharing custody of two children with Cassie Weatherall, one of the few homegrown women he hasn't bedded. And not from lack of trying…

Cassie fled her messy past to become a celebrity therapist in LA. So why does it feel so right to come back and share parenting duties—and chrome-melting kisses—with a man she's striven to avoid? Loving Lucky always seemed like a sure bet for heartache. But for this perfectly imperfect family, Cassie might just gamble with everything she's got. 

Yes, it's the second book in a series but it is 100% a stand alone, so don't let that turn you off from this. I haven't read the first one, let alone anything by Delores Fossen, but I absolutely loved this one. I actually read it during my daughter's dance class this week and thoroughly enjoyed it!

It's the story of Lucky McCord, who co-runs a rodeo business with Dixie Mae Weatherall. He's not so much a bad boy but rather a boy who doesn't keep it in his pants, harbors guilt over his parents' death years ago and is at a bit of a crossroads in life. Once Dixie Mae passes away he's in for a ridiculous surprise, as is Dixie Mae's granddaughter, Cassie, when they find out that they are now the custodial guardians of two children Dixie Mae was temporarily caring for. A surprise to both of them, mostly because neither are in a point in their life making them capable (or willing) to take on children, let alone do it together. We get lots of surprises along the way complete with six cats, a moody teenager, dildo delivery, strip clubs, not to mention Lucky and Cassie trying to heal from past mistakes in their own lives and maybe come together for their future, and do what's best for the girl's.

I didn't want to love Cassie but yet I did. She's got her own issues as a therapist no less, including panic attacks brought on by guilt over the handling of a previous client, a meddling ex-boyfriend, paparazzi, and a highly dysfunctional family. Lucky is lovable because he is so that guy you know you want to fix because he's kind of broken but a diamond in the rough. And the girls... oh lord. The younger one, Mia, is cute as a damn button and the teenager, Kenzie, is kind of the angry hot mess that you know is really gentle and in need of guidance and love. Such a great combination of characters for this story. Not to mention Dixie Mae's surprises from beyond the grave are kind of great as well.

I loved this book and all of the secondary characters, some of who will be future books (I'm sure) and some who were in book one (I'm sure) are in here and they are given enough teaser that makes you want to go back and read the first book but also stay tuned for the rest of them. Delores's writing is really superb and she's a great romance novelist that gives you everything you want in a fun book: humor, sexy times, good story line, and that little extra that leaves you wanting more.

You can purchase your own copy of Lone Star Nights on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, of course. You can also visit Delores' website HERE!  In the meantime, you can enter for your own copy (US/Canada only)!

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thotlady said...

I used to read a lot of Harlequin romances when I was younger, I have gotten into more murder mystery stories now. My dark side I'm sure.

Anita Yancey said...

Right now I am reading Close To Home by Lisa Jackson. Thanks for this chance.

Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I'm so pleased that you're loving these Harlequin books so much! Thanks for being a part of the tour.