Saturday, June 18, 2016

Crafty Saturday: Getting some pages DONE

I got kind of on a roll this last week with scrapbooking. I have so many photos waiting to get onto completed pages and into books that I sometimes feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I'm years behind, actually. I've decided to just start with the top of my pile and go from there. I actually took a couple of hours one day sorting the photos I had already printed into piles. From there I decided to work on the smaller piles first knowing those would be easy pages to put together and frankly, if I can do a lot of smaller projects, I feel like I'm getting more done and that motivates me to keep going.

So I got caught up on the kids' school books. They each have their own scrapbook just for school photos and memorabilia. I have the same format going for both and that's made it SO easy. Their fall page has their fall photo on the left, class photo on the right. This is an example of the spring page. It's got the spring photo on the left, and a pocket page on the right. I usually keep their report cards, certificates, and something with their handwriting in here. All other artwork and sentimental things go into what I call the "forever box" in my closet, labeled with their name and grade. Then this is where I put photos from the school year (field trips, concerts, etc), first/last day photo, and anything else I had. So both kids are caught up and I just need to print the last day photos from this school year to finish them out.
I forgot that I had pictures of the archery class Jackson took a little over a year ago. Yikes. But he actually enjoyed it, so I'm glad I have these because he looks SO little to me!
I decided to scraping every single moment and doing a lot of collection pages. This is my double layout for summer 2012. Only my favorite photos and holy moly- I stared at these for so long because it doesn't seem so long ago and yet.. four years already.
I found the group photo of the volleyball team Olivia played on this fall! She had a GREAT time and I really need to get her signed up again because this might be her thing, aside from dance.
Aw.. Father's Day from 2012. That time we went hiking in Jay Cooke park and the kids were terrified that Matt had gotten us lost and we couldn't go as far as we wanted because the bugs were horrible and so was the mud.
Oh yes, and the photos from the worst 5K I have ever done. We all remember that, right? Always fun to relive horrible things while scrapbooking them for other generations to then laugh at me. But that's OK, all part of life.

I've got some pages for next week planned already so maybe I'll remember to take some photos and share those, too. I also have Jackson's birthday scrapbook to work on (years 5-8) and I printed photos from our Michigan trip (2010), Chicago trip (2012) and South Dakota trip (2014) that I will hopefully get around to. Maybe.

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