Wednesday, July 6, 2016

33-35 weeks. There she blows?

Well lambs, I am officially 35 weeks pregnant with Fetus Four, still unnamed. My due date is officially August 8, but I don't think anyone in their right mind thinks I'm going to make it to that point. I certainly don't. I feel like I'm not updating you as much this time as I did with Penelope and it's certainly not because there hasn't been anything to report, but more of I'm just too damn tired to do it. I already feel like this baby will get the shaft on a lot of the things because the other three are exhausting me. My grandpa said one in four people end up being a serial killer, so maybe this is the one of mine that goes on to be one? Just out of childhood neglect or something. Matt says this might be our Joe Dirt baby, the one we forget places. Which actually might happen because anyone who has been around me lately knows my memory is absolutely shot. This baby has killed any remaining brain cell I had left after Penelope.

 33 weeks

Almost everyone asks me how I'm doing and I say, meh. And it's really meh. There are some great days where I feel like I could literally climb a mountain and have no issues. Then there are other days where I feel absolutely horrific. I've got a headache, I'm swelling, my back hurts, I've got ligament pain like never before, I'm contracting on and off all day despite every effort not to, my vagina hurts like someone has literally hit me repeatedly with a hammer, and I generally feel like my bones are going to basically give up and collapse. Some days I'm hungry all day and others I can barely eat. The only reason I do is so that my headache doesn't get any worse. I can't possibly ingest any more water yet here I am, forever peeing. 

Oh! But fun thing- at 33 weeks I played the "Did I pee on the floor or did my water break?" game a few times. As it turns out, I just peed on the floor. Twinky, our dog, was not pleased and the whole thing was very confusing to him. I'm sending the poor animals mixed messages about going to the bathroom in the house. 

At 34 weeks I decided we were going to drive to the Minnesota Zoo, approximately two hours away, and see that because we've never been. I have a whole post on that next week for you, but in hindsight, I really wish I would have had Matt take pictures of me throughout the four hours we were there because I ended up swelling up three times my normal size. Even the kids were freaked out. I couldn't bend my fingers and not a chance in your life I was taking off my sneakers because they weren't going back on. The day after was absolutely brutal- I thought for sure I was going to go into labor. Needless to say, the fun summer trips far from home are basically done. I feel like I'm going to explode. 

My 32 week appointment my doctor checked me because I had been saying the contractions all day every day are really becoming a problem. I wasn't dilated or anything, but things were softening up and she felt the head really low, which made me happy to know I wasn't losing my mind because there have been a few times where it feels like her head is coming right on out. At the 34 week appointment I saw a nurse practitioner who is really quite lovely, and she said instead of coming back at 36 weeks, I need to come back this week (I go on Thursday) and they are going to do my Group B Strep test and check me again because things sound like they might happen sooner than August. Which, I kind of hope they do?  
35 weeks

But this is me on the Fourth of July. We didn't go do our traditional stuff because I just wasn't feeling well and I really didn't think I'd be able to stay awake, honestly. I feel so huge. 

But this is me 35 weeks pregnant with Penelope. I felt MUCH better there than I do currently. 

Me at 36 weeks with Jackson. He was just a peanut, though. I honestly never even really felt pregnant with him and for the most part, that's how this pregnancy has been. I keep saying this pregnancy is SO MUCH like the one with Jackson that I really hope this isn't an actual boy instead of a girl. I will have an anxiety attack like no other if this is really a boy.
And then me at 36 weeks with Olivia. So you can see how I've just gotten bigger and bigger with each pregnancy. I might actually explode this time, you guys. For reals. 

So yeah. That's where I'm at. I'm so tired each and every day. I'm starting to really worry that Penelope is going to not adjust well to a baby, she's basically my mini-me, best friend, all day next to me buddy. It's going to be really hard once Olivia and Jackson go back to school and it's just me with two kids under two. I mean, people do that and survive, right? 

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