Thursday, July 28, 2016

Owlcrate: Good vs Evil

I got my Owlcrate this weekend and are you amazed I'm getting this post out so soon? Usually I'm weeks late but here I am, Little Miss Efficient!

The theme this month was Good vs. Evil and you had no idea what box you were going to get and you didn't get to pick, basically. I have to think pretty much everyone wanted an Evil box but wouldn't you know it, I got a Good.


So here is the box contents this month. The big tease this month was that we would be getting a POP Figure, which is becoming increasingly popular in book boxes and I'm not not against that at all- these look adorable on my book shelf.
The good boxes got Luna Lovegood and the evil boxes got Dobby. So there's Luna. She's chillin' next to Dumbledore on my shelf. The sticker was hand designed by OwlCrate and made by Drop And Give Me Nerdy, and it's a nod to Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. The sticker is beautiful but I have to ask myself, WHY?? Why send stickers? What are people doing with these? I'm not 12, I'm 34 and I'm too damn old to be sticking stickers on my laptop or on my walls. so it just sits. I'm sure I have a bunch of stickers just hanging out in a drawer somewhere waiting to eventually be tossed. 
We also got a Millennium Falcon necklace from Vector Engraving. Actually, I wasn't sure what it was, I had to confirm with my husband that it was a Star Wars things and he looked kind of ashamed that I didn't know. He tried to get me to watch Star Wars on a first date and no. I'm not lame. So this is going to go to my sister in law because she likes this kind of thing. We also got an Alice in Wonderland magnetic bookmark created by Jane's Tiny Things. Which, you know I love me some Alice in Wonderland but I'm kind of over the bookmarks. I literally have hundreds and these do not hold up well at all and this one has already torn the top of the page in my new book. I am not pleased about this.

Another thing we got was some weird adult coloring book (which, not really a book, more like a booklet) of YA covers that we can color. Which.. *sigh*. I'm so sick of getting stupid shit in these boxes, let's be honest.

The book this month looks SO GOOD, though. It's This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and it sounds so much like something I'd read from Becca Fitzpatrick, and you know I love her, so I'm excited. We also got a signed bookplate and a letter, both of which I always store in my book.

This box is always so 50/50 on the swag. It's cool stuff, but a lot of it seems pointless to have (like the stickers, crap bookmarks, coloring book, etc). When there is the POP figure and/or jewelry, it's fun. The books ARE always newer releases and interesting, so I don't know. I'm torn on whether I'll keep subscribing.

The theme for next month is...
The teaser for this is that we will receive an exclusively designed piece of jewelry inspired by Eleanor & Park.. so we'll see. This could be a really amazing box or more crap. I'm on the fence.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I think I'd like this one for the most part. I really want the book and I LOVE Luna. I suppose with the price, it's hard to get ALL really excellent items. They have to use some smaller things like bookmarks and stickers. Plus, people are all different ages, so not all of it will work for every person I guess. I think these boxes are fun though. I've gotten a few, and I'd be curious to subscribe again in the future.