Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Feature: Time Kids Historical Reference Guides for KIDS

If you have a child in the upper elementary, middle school grades you're probably familiar with beginning essay papers and beginner researching. Its a hard thing to learn but if you have the right resources it can make it easy.

Heroes of History Series with Alexander Hamilton and George Washington

Both of these titles will be published in June 2018, with more to come in Fall 2018 (Eleanor Roosevelt and Thurgood Marshall), these are a thorough, kid-friendly look at people from the history of the United States. I know history can be a bit boring if not dry, but these books give fun facts with quick information that make learning about these people quick and easy. These would make a great classroom or library resource!
Our Nation's Documents
On sale this week, Our Nation's Documents goes into the founding documents and the ones that shaped our country to what it is today. This one is elementary friendly and makes learning about these documents fun and easy to learn. The book gives great definition to the people of the time, features "conversations" between the characters who were responsible for each document to answer the questions kids would ask, talks about the most important amendments and really delves into why they are important, but coolest to my kids were the maps of what the United States once looked like (before we were 50 states). This really is a must have in any classroom collection aimed at teaching the basics of democracy.


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