Monday, May 7, 2018

Date Night with Jim Gaffigan

Way back for Christmas, one of the gifts I gave Matt was a date night out to see comedian Jim Gaffigan, who was coming to the arena near us. Almost nothing we're interested in comes here so when it does I try to go and support the arena in the hopes that more will come. I had no idea what kind of seats I was going to get because I couldn't remember if I had been to the newly remodeled one or not so I bought cheap seats and hoped for the best. 
Turned out to be a decent gamble because our seats were pretty great. I will say the screens were pretty blurry and if you were relying on those to see the stage you were likely to be disappointed. I don't know why the technicians didn't notice that and focus it in but whatever. 

We went out to dinner and was served by someone I know from  high school days, she gave us a discount, we gave her a good tip, and it was kind of nice to eat dinner and not worry about cutting up someone else's food. I think maybe people around us were like, "awkward date" because we hardly talked but it was SO NICE to eat in relative silence. Seriously, our house is so loud that any time we have to be in quiet we take it. Especially me. 

So after dinner we went to the show and of course, I smell popcorn and I'm all about it so I sent Matt to get popcorn and water for me and that's when I meet my new friend, Weird Guy. 

It literally doesn't matter what happens to me, my ability to attract weirdos does not fail. It just doesn't. This guy is telling me all about how he bought his tickets (two of them) on Craigslist but he has no friends so he has an extra ticket. Starts talking about how he took a nap since he was going to work right after this (mind you, he's drinking a beer and has one on the floor waiting for him) and then he asks if I'm single. 

Thank god Matt was coming down the stairs right then because I was done talking to strangers. You think the guy talks to Matt? Nope. But he thoroughly enjoyed himself the entire time and kept slapping Matt's arm to get a mutual acknowledgement that the joke was funny. That alone was funny.  
The opener was Ted Alexandro and I actually thought he was funnier than Jim Gaffigan, especially his erectile dysfunction bit- that was pretty hilarious. Jim was just kind of meh for me. It wasn't hilarious, his bit about the local "come back in summer" phrase (which we ALL say.. we say it to everyone) was pretty on point and funny but everything else was kind of blah for me. It wasn't funny enough to get more than a smile from me but it wasn't horrible either. 

Overall though? It was a pretty great night. Matt's parents babysat for us and that was nice of them to do (after Penelope's birthday party, no less), especially considering it took us forever to get out of the parking ramp! They got home so late and I felt bad. I'm hoping some more opportunities come for us to go do a date, it was fun being with just him again. It kind of highlighted that we need to do more outside of the kids because the kids are all we talk about. Which, no offense, I'm kind of sick of the kids some days, I don't want to talk about them when I'm away from them, you know? 

So I need date night ideas! 

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Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Date night is something Tim doesn't get when one is married, he just can't see the point