Monday, April 1, 2019

Weight Loss Challenge (week 21) *weigh in day

So it's April. I'm pretty disappointed that I haven't gotten into a routine yet but also that I haven't miraculously woke up skinnier. It's pretty annoying.

This is where I'm at as of April 1:

Chest:  43.5 in
Right Arm: 14.5 in.
Left Arm: 15 in.
Waist:  45 in. 
Hips: 49 in. 
Right Thigh:  26 in.
Left Thigh:  26 in.
Weight:  215 lbs

Clearly I'm back to where I started in January and that really sucks.

My friend Amy is starting with the 21 Day Fix program this week so I'm going to do it with her and have an accountability partner. The plan is for me to just do it.

My struggle is motivation. I am so tired that I'm not even sure if my official chronic fatigue diagnosis even covers it. It really feels like I use a lot of energy just keeping my eyes open. While I have bursts of energy, I'm busy trying to do other stuff. I'm struggling with prioritization. I know my self care needs to be important and at some point I have to make myself a priority, but I also know I have a responsibility to provide a meal for my kids, clean clothes, all of that. It's really hard to know at what point do I draw a line and then deal with guilt. Is the guilt worth feeling marginally better?

I don't know.

I did decide to cut out soda completely (save for my one, maybe two a week if I go out to eat if I feel like it) and I'm happy to report I feel like I am over the headaches that seem to come with that, so that's progress. It took two weeks and for a few days last week I wasn't sure if I was going to cave or not because the middle of my forehead was killing me.

I also battled pink eye for awhile and guess what you don't feel like doing with pink eye?


The good news is I've also been pretty good with my diet and I don't feel like I'm over eating and that's been good.

I'm also pretty excited that the days are getting longer so it's not dark so early anymore, and the temperature isn't really cold anymore. I'm hoping I can get out and go for walks outside again and I really want Matt to dig the double stroller out of the garage so I can take Penelope and Lucy in the afternoons after nap. God knows they could use the fresh air too because they are getting a little bit stir crazy.

You know what else? I'm kind of getting the itch to do a 5K. I'm 98% sure I can't run it but I really want to do one because they are generally fun but also because it keeps me on track to keep moving, to keep walk/running because I don't want to die in a race with a bunch of people watching. Ideas I'm thinking:

So if you're a local buddy and you want to do any of these with me, let's make a plan!

Alright, keep on keeping on, lambs.

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Shann Eva said...

I'm actually going to do my first 5K in about a month. My oldest joined the running club at school, and so this is their final event. I know I won't be able to keep up, but hopefully I won't embarrass him.