Friday, May 31, 2019

Quick and Dirty Book Reviews/Feature: Angels, Kings, Good Deeds!

I have a LOT of books I need to share with you and realistically I can't do one book per day but I'm also too lazy to do several posts in a day SO.... I'm going to try to squeeze a Feature Friday in every few weeks so you can look through books quickly.

Angel Thieves - Kathi Appelt
This book kind of reminded me of the Hush, Hush series but only kind of? I can't really wrap my head around it but it has a little romance in it but a lot of a magical realism throughout. Kathi Appelt normally writes middle grade books but is tip toeing into the world of Young Adult and it's a pretty OK first book. My only complaint about this book is it is told through multiple points of view and that's not always my jam, but it's an angel thief, an ocelot, and a plain ol' girl who is supposed to save the angel thief. Also, one of the POV's was a river? I think? That's so bizarre to think about so I don't know if that's really the case of I just really misunderstood who the character is, but it was strange. The book also jumps around in time and I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of who went where and when. Overall? 3 stars for this one, and I can see the young adult crowd, especially the upper middle school/early high school readers enjoying this one.

The Fever King - Victoria Lee
Anyone who is anyone has seen this book advertised everywhere and it's been all over your Instagram most likely, and with good reason. The first book in the Feverwake series, it's an exciting read, a perfect introduction to a duology that people are anxiously awaiting the sequel for. And can we talk about this cover? BEAUTIFUL. Eerily timely to current affairs with refugees  (kind of), this book reminded me of The Darkest Minds (kind of) where kids are used by the government for their powers without consideration of whether it's ethically OK to do or not, but the people with the power learn how to stand up for themselves. Kind of. I can't really give you more without giving some of the plot away, but if your teen (or even you) are looking for a book that would make a pretty cool movie, and is on equal standing with all of the other popular dystopian novels, this is what you should pick up. 

No Good Deed - Cass Green
You guys, this was the most messed up book that had me saying, "What the hell is even happening?!" multiple times. I was instantly hooked because one mention of a date from hell is what pulls me in because if I were in the dating world, I'm completely convinced I'd end up dead in a suitcase left in a hotel somewhere. I'm sure of it. The story itself is so completely far fetched that it feels like a Dateline episode happening right now. We have Nina, who ends up on a crap date, but then is saved by a stranger, only to be held at gun point by stranger. There's a baby, there's an entire night of running around and a bloody guy, and guns, you guys- it's BANANAS!! And every time you're like, "this is too damn much!" something happens and you can't put this down. I realized my pulse was going crazy, my heart was beating, and I was sucked all the way in that I scorched the top of my stove with boiling water because I forgot I was boiling water. Seriously- if you're in the mood for a psychological thriller that doesn't require you to really think and isn't a ridiculous length long, grab this one. 

Alright, if you pick any of these up and read them, let me know what you thought about them. Especially No Good Deed because I need someone to talk to about it. 

This post has affiliate links which help keep this little ol' blogging going. I received ARC editions of these books in exchange for an honest review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Happy reading, lambs! 

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