Monday, August 31, 2020

For sure, the end of summer.

I felt like this was a pretty good weekend. We managed to actually get a lot done this weekend so it didn't feel wasted like the last few have felt like. We emptied out this giant shipping container we rented for storage (it was significantly cheaper than an actual storage space) so we can have that picked up and save ourselves $80/month. Now I have to go through it and decide, are we really going to save it or is it going to go? Fun stuff. 

We emptied and cleaned the pool out, that is all packed away until next summer. It's a bit depressing to see that out of the yard, that's for sure. I am searching for something I can put plants on that cats (hopefully) won't jump on and kill everything. We filled out every possible thing for all four kids for school and I feel like we are for real ready now. 

Plus, we did some fun stuff this weekend, too. 

First off, I wore makeup (kind of... barely... but still) both days so we had to commemorate it with a selfie. 
Matt took me to The Bookstore at Fitgers for Independent Bookstore Day 2.0. I didn't get any kid things because I really need to clean their shelves out before I add to it, but my haul was pretty great!

On Saturday we had a "party" for Olivia and her friend Claire's "Freakin' 15" birthday. They are a day apart, so it ended up being really fun. We did a painting party and I was really surprised at how well the kids kept their masks on and distanced from each other. It kind of gave me a little more hope for the school year being a little better. Plus it was nice to have all of the girls see each other again. 
On Sunday, I convinced Matt to drive us two hours to a sunflower field and that ended up being comically terrible, but I'm working on a piece about it for Duluth Moms Blog so stay tuned for that. Your teaser though is that this photo was the start. 
This was at the end. I feel like Lucy's face is all of us for 2020, to be honest. 
Yet again, we almost forgot to take a photo of us together. It should be noted that Matt is much taller than me but I am on my absolute tippy toes. He's a good seven inches taller than me, and while that's not more than a lot of people, it feels weird to me. I feel like I'm taller and then I see a photo and it's like, NOPE. I'm short. HAHA! 

OK, so this week I have some book reviews for you, I go to the eye doctor to check on my tear duct plug thingiemajiggies, and the kids start school. So, you know.... not stressful at all or anything. HA! 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! We're closing up the pool this week and I'm kind of sad but really excited for cooler weather too. Lots of time to use the fire table, woot!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad you had some fun things to do over the weekend. That's awesome. The painting party sounds like such fun, and I'm sure Olivia loved it. That's awesome the kids actually did well with social distancing/masks and all that - fingers crossed that keeps up IN school this year! :)