Friday, August 28, 2020

We're ready. Kind of. #teamhybrid

To say I am nervous for this school year is an understatement. I'm upbeat and positive for my kids but on the inside I'm kind of freaking out. I'm not worried for them, I think they are going to be totally fine. They adjust well to different things, even the little girls, so I am not worried about that. 

I'm more worried about me forgetting to pick them up, dropping them off at the wrong places at the wrong times. I'm worried about myself getting sick. I'm worried about the days they are home and I have to help with things on their virtual days. I am thrilled that I know Penelope and Lucy's teachers, and I'm thrilled Olivia has a bunch of people to ask for help. Jackson is at the same school so its basically the same as last year, just less kids. 

Honestly I was thinking about it and I think this might cut down on bullying and fights at school, maybe? I don't know. My kids haven't had experiences with that so much but I hear about it from various schools. 

So Lucy had her meet and greet and was totally ready and excited for it. She has the same teacher Penelope had last year and Penelope has hyped up 4K pretty well so Lucy is all about it. She went in, sat down, made friends with the assistant teacher, and it was quick and easy. 
I'll get first day photos too but I took some during meet and greet in case I forget because you know, I might actually forget. 
Oh, and since Penelope got her hair cut, Lucy DESPERATELY wanted hers cut. We only got a little cut off and I'm so glad Matt was the one to take her because I would have cried. I don't know why her hair is such an emotional thing for me, but no joke, I'm sad her first curls are gone. It could also just be me this week, I'm kind of a sad sack and really struggling to get through it. 
Penelope had her meet and greet too, and she was a little more nervous about it because it is a new teacher and new room. She's excited to be a KINDERGARTNER (can anyone here believe this?!), it really feels like she was just my little toddler getting into everything last week. 


So she's a little more nervous about it, but I think she is going to be fine. The teachers at their school are amazing so she's in good hands. Last year she had such a hard time making friends and she would just stand there and cry on the playground and it broke my heart to see it. We don't see her shy side at home, it's quite the opposite, so I don't know how to help that. Especially because of Covid, it's not like we can do play dates or go to random parks to play. We've mostly avoided that since March. 

Olivia also had her high school laptop pickup and it went OK. She is terrified of getting lost because it's a huge building. She got her schedule though and I told her I'll get her there with plenty of time to find where she needs to go. Jackson has yet to get his schedule so that's fun. 

I'm hoping for a good year. I'm realistic enough to know we likely won't be in the building all year but I remain hopeful. I'm basically crossing my fingers. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am keeping your fam in my thoughts for a safe and happy school year. I actually think the hybrid idea is great IF parents are able to.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad Lucy is so excited! And I hope that Penelope warms up to her new teacher and classmates and enjoys kindergarten. I'm sure being in a larger building for Olivia is really nerve-wracking, but I'm sure she'll get the hang of it quick and do great. The same for Jackson too. You got some good kids! It'll be a weird start to the year, but *fingers crossed* all goes well.