Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Meet George and Banana

I can't remember if I mentioned that we had to put one of our cats, Lola, down in October/November? Long story short, we thought she was sick and it turns out she was literally full of cancer. Like FULL. We had no idea because she was such a fluffy cat so we couldn't feel any lumps or anything, but that's what it was. We put her down and we've all been sad without her here. Our last remaining cat, Batman, was clearly sad and he was quickly losing weight, and he would make the most pitiful moaning/meowing sound, clearly looking for Lola. He would go to each of her spaces all day, and we were starting to think maybe he was depressed.  

Fast forward until December and I saw a Facebook post about two kittens that were abandoned/found in a barn and in really rough shape. Of course I wanted one, plus they looked like Batman so I thought we'll go and pick one. 

Matt and I got to the place and I was immediately connected with George (he's fluffier, long hair) and Matt was loving on Banana (short hair) and the kitties were reaching for each other. You guys. 

I had to have both. I can't separate baby kitty brothers who are the only surviving of the litter since everyone else starved or froze to death. I could not separate them. They had different names that were lame, and I decided my cat would be George (left) so Jackson said the other kitten would be Banana (right). 
I was worried how Batman would adjust and it was an iffy first day, but from then on? He's a good dad. He holds them down when they get too rowdy around him or when he aggressively cleans them. He is CLEARLY happier and he's putting on weight again and he's wanting love from us again, so I know we made the right decision. 
See? We bought a new cat tree and he's out and about, willing to pose for photos. Yes, I know he's a large cat. He's large and in charge. 
Yes, Twinky loves them, too! They cuddle with him a lot, he lets them eat his food, he kind of just sits there with a "please help me" face and you have to move a kitty to the other bowl. 

The best part? George and Banana are always looking for each other. They meow for each other in the dark, which is annoying because I thought cats could see really well at night but these two are apparently blind and/or dumb. They also prefer to sleep together. They really don't care where they sleep, but they like to be together. They are LOUD when they purr and they purr all of the time and I love it. George is more cuddly and he's definitely lazier, likes to eat more. Banana is thinner, definitely more wild, and he likes to be in the toilet. We don't know why but it is alarming to just... see a cat in the toilet. 

Matt is an absolute sucker for kittens, and I forgot about that. They totally love Matt, probably because he's like a squishy cat tree, I guess. The only thing that isn't great? They have gas. George, especially. They have the strongest, grossest gas I have ever encountered, let alone in an animal. It's not awesome when they get snuggly with you and then just fart. It reminds me of the Walter, the Farting Dog books because for real. 
See? They snuggle together and honestly, how can you not want to squish them?? 
The kids really love her, Penelope especially. Penelope really likes to pick them up and love them. A lot. We have to tell her to put them down quite a bit, but this is her and Lucy's first experience with kittens, so I can totally understand their excitement. 

Overall, I am so glad that we adopted two kittens on a whim. I am glad that we took both home because I can't imagine either one of them being without their brother, they are definitely a dynamic duo. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

They are SO cute, and I'm glad they get alone well with Twinky. Sounds like they're crawled right into your hearts.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

They are so cute! I'm glad that Batman has warmed up to them, and your dog isn't doing too bad handling them either. I think it's great you were able to bring both of them home so they weren't separated.


Laura's Reviews said...

This is so cute! I agree, kittens belong in pairs. I have two pairs myself. We got the first pair after my beloved cat died and it really cheered our remaining older cat up the last couple years of her life.