Friday, September 3, 2021

Things look a little different around here.

I've been thinking about this for awhile, but now that the kids are back in school and I had some time to sit down and just do it, you'll notice things look kind of different. Or maybe not unless you're looking for old posts or something specific. 

Banana just hangs on the chair like this- he's weird. 

I have taken most of the posts that have pictures of my kids in them. Not all, you'll still find a few, but I think going forward I likely won't post photos of them so much. It's not because I don't want to share the hell out of them, but I think I'm changing as a person in general. Does that make sense? 

Banana and George like to wrestle at night. It's so bizarre to watch. 

If you have been around here for years (I started in 2008!), you know that my writing over time has changed drastically. I still have the posts, so I could bring them back, or at least go back and read them for myself. I started this blog as a mechanism to share photos of my kids for family who were all far away. While that could still be the reason to keep photos, pretty much everyone is on Facebook and/or Instagram, so I guess it's not needed that I share them here. Over time, I evolved into a more... snarky blogger, you could say? I think when I look back at my life then, I was in a much different space than I am now and certainly I was a totally different person. 
Can we just admire my older cat, Batman? He's actually playing!

Not to say I'm lame as hell now, but I'm lame as hell. I'm moving my blog to be more book centered but I also am going to keep my medical updates, vacations, and book reviews, of course, but I likely won't be blogging a whole lot about my home life. Between horribly disgusting spam comments I end up deleting and just thinking about my older kids' getting older and wanting less out there, it just seemed like the time to do it. I'll give updates here and there, but not much more. 

Don't get me wrong, I want to, and god knows I have SO MANY THINGS to write about because my life is a tragic comedy. I have so much on my plate and happening to me and around me that most days I just sit inside of my closet, on the floor, and scream into a pillow while simultaneously crying my eyes out. It's just too much and frankly, I don't know how this much just keeps happening to one person. It's certainly not fair, that's for sure. My blog used to be an online journal of sorts, where I would write out my feelings on things that were happening, and I guess it still could be that, but it just doesn't feel the same, you know? I think a lot of bloggers are feeling this way as well because I see so many changing, it isn't just me. 


Jen Mc said...

I’m looking forward to your changes.
That’s why I stepped away for a while. I’m back to my blog with more of a focus on books and TV/movies.
It’s your blog, you use it the way you want!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I love all of your family and life updates but I get it. You have to do your own thing and what feels right. I love you and your blog and I will keep visiting! I've been a bit MIA myself lately, but I'm trying to get back at it.