Monday, August 1, 2022

Book Review: First Bride to Fall

We had a pretty great weekend doing a staycation (kind of) with friends instead of a our usual road trip. I'll share more about that later, also Lucy's birthday. She's six now and I'm in my feels. 

First Bride to Fall - Ginny Baird

Nell Delaney will do almost anything for her parents and her two sisters. But enter a marriage of convenience to save the family’s coffee shop? Too far. So Nell and her sisters strike a deal: whoever hasn’t found love in thirty days has to step up to take one for the team. The good news? Nell knows the perfect guy to fall in love with. The bad news? She’s going to have to pretend she likes the outdoors…a lot.

Adventure guide Grant Williams knows immediately that Nell is not exactly Little Miss Outdoorsy. She’s a walking natural disaster—an amazingly adorable disaster. And whoa, their chemistry is unbelievable. Everything between them is so perfect, he’s not even a little bit shocked when he starts thinking of forever…

Right up until he catches the town gossiping about the Delaney sisters’ bargain and realizes she’s just using him to win a bet. Unfortunately, his family’s unreliable reputation means he can’t just dump one of the town’s sweethearts. No, she needs to dump him. If she’s going to pretend to be the perfect doting bride, well, he’ll just pretend to be the worst bachelor on the market.

Let the games begin…
I have a love hate relationship with the fake relationship trope, but this one was a fun read. Instead of a fake romance between people who don't like each other to start, this is one where Nell, our main character, has had a crush on Grant for quite awhile, so this isn't really a hardship for her. Bonus points are that it's the start of a new series, which I'm excited for, but also if you're looking for a clean romance, this is a good pick. Think Hallmark movie, so it isn't realistic so much, but it's sweet and fun. I did enjoy the humor throughout, I always appreciate a romance with some humor, especially when I'm in the mood for a palate cleanser, so to speak.  

My only issue was it's another book with miscommunication at the core. I feel like that theme has been beaten to death and I always enjoy a book with characters who communicate. Let's normalize that, you know? Overall though, I really enjoyed this one, it was exactly what I needed after a series of thrillers. It's light and fun, the absolute definition of a rom-com! It's my first read from Ginny Baird, but it definitely won't be my last, I really enjoyed her writing style. 

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Entangled Publishing for having me on this tour and sending me a copy for review! 
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