Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Book Review: The Weekly Gratitude Project

Do you journal? I do off and on, but I wish I were more dedicated to it. I also really wish I had been diligent about it when I came home after Lucy, there are so many things I don't remember. You'd think that because I regret that, it would make me more dedicated to it now but no... I don't know what my problem is. Perhaps having a guided project like this would be more helpful for those of us who aren't real consistent. 

The Weekly Gratitude Project

It’s time to start a project that will grow a grateful heart. The Weekly Gratitude Project is a 52-week guided gratitude journal that offers a life-changing journey through reflection prompts and inviting questions to guide you into a deeper relationship with God. This yearly gratitude journal features beautifully illustrated journaling pages that will help you discover more intimacy and joy in your spiritual life.

The Weekly Gratitude Project is:

Perfect for a beginner in faith and practicing gratitude, but strong and thought provoking enough for someone who already has a solid foundation. An easy-to-use journaling format designed to help you focus on adding more gratefulness into your day. A helpful companion for individual worship, Bible studies, and small groups.
Obviously, this is aimed for faith-based journaling, but I've found that several of the prompts could easily be used for those who aren't Christian or follow those teachings. 

First off, this book is gorgeous. It has that almost-clothlike textured cover, which are my absolute favorite. Just as the exterior is gorgeous, the pages throughout also are too pretty to write on! It only has 123 pages, and does include room for you to write within the book, but I found that using my personal journal worked best. It you do that you can easily pass this along to someone who would benefit from this, or at least enjoy it. I also thought this would maybe be a great thing to use in a Bible study group, or even faith based book club, it would certainly give you topics to talk about and compare your answers. 

Overall, I thought this was a well put together book, breaking it up over 52 weeks so you'd have a whole week to really think about your response to each question. It would make a great gift for sure, and with the holidays approaching, this would be a nice one to give so someone could start the new year with a positive start. 

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Zondervan for having me on this tour and providing a copy for review! It's jumpstarted my own journaling, but I know exactly who I'm passing it along to. I'd love to know if you journal, and if you use anything to jump start your writing? Do you have a favorite book (or pen, I love a good pen) you use to write in? 
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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I used to journal all the time in like middle/high school. I wish I hadn't stopped, but I do still have those!

Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.net