Thursday, January 30, 2014

Suddenly Cinderella Bundle

I've kind of been on a romance novel kick, and trilogies to boot. So odd. But, here's another one I finished earlier this week

Suddenly Cinderella bundle - Hope Tarr
Suddenly Cinderella Bundle
So each book is based around different characters and kind of take on different princesses. At least in my opinion. In book one, Operation Cinderella, we meet Macie and Ross. Marcie is kind of a brash magazine editor, very Sex & the City and Ross is very much the morally uptight family man. He has a teenage daughter clearly going through some things, and after finding a copy of a magazine (that Macie edits) he uses his radio show to lambaste the magazine as a whole. Which leads Macie to lead the charge of an expose on Ross in an attempt to dig up dirt. Fast forward and she's almost like a live in nanny for Ross's teenage daughter and she ends up forming a meaningful relationship with her which dun dun dun... leads to a romance between the two of them. It's a fairly short book and for being under 200 pages there is a lot of story to get through, but the author manages to do it. There was some dialogue on Ross's part that seemed a bit hokey pokey, but for the most part it's a good book.

The second book, which I stupidly assumed would be a continuation is not. The Cinderella Makeover is the story of Ross's ex-wife, Francesca and Greg. Not nearly as good as the first one, but it's alright. I actually liked Francesca because she seemed kind of quirky and like she'd be fun to hang out with. She does come off as a snob and a selfish one at that, so seeing her with Greg.... I don't know if I buy it. I'm not sipping that Kool-aid. I have to say my biggest complaint on this book is that the romance scenes are duds. Total duds. And I say that after reading a book about a girl thinking of having sex with a wolf. Like, an actual wolf. Now, if that came off as better than this- we've got problems. So this book could use some real spark.

The third book, The Cinderella Seduction, gives us Nick and Stefanie. And woot woot, thank you for writing better romance scenes. Still not the kind that make you hop into the shower to cool yourself down, but they are certainly better than book two. This one even has a terrible step mother and step sister, so this one has more of the classic fairy tale to it. Basically it's about Stefanie, who was engaged to a complete jerk who ran a Ponzi scheme and lost a bunch of money. Enter Nick, the CEO of the company that loaned jerk fiance money and he is calling in the loan. Stefanie runs to dad for help, and while dad is scrambling, Stefanie is having to hold Nick over. Nick also has a daughter (are you seeing the Cinderella tie in??). Stefanie falls for Nick but is unsure how he feels given the nature of how this relationship started, etc. Honestly? This one was maybe my favorite of the three because it had the best romance scenes of all three and it had more threads of Cinderella in it.

The other nice thing about this bundle is that you don't have to read them in order, they can all be stand alone reads. There is a pair of vintage red heels that tie them all together (kind of like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but prettier) but aside from that? You could read these in any order. If you are in the market for quick reads, this is a bundle you should pick up because I finished all three over two days. Easy peasy!

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