Monday, June 9, 2014

Fatal Desire

Let's start the week with a book review!

Fatal Desire - Valerie Thombly
Fatal Desire (Guardians #2)
Caleb is dark, hot, and commanding in human form. As a dragon, he’s a force to be reckoned with. When he witnesses the slave Lileta being beaten by his Overlord Odage, he nearly comes unglued. Without understanding why, he asks to take the slave as his own, but soon realizes his longing is more than an attraction to a beautiful woman. In a sick twist of fate, the gods have given him a demon as his mate—one he can never touch unless he wishes his own death. His only choice is to grant her freedom.

Lileta wanted to kill Caleb, but when she is freed by this tempting male, her anger turns to a desire that can only prove fatal. Even if she could claim him as her own, her dark past makes her unworthy of his love.

When their paths continue to intertwine, spiraling them to the brink of passion, can they resist the yearnings burning within them, or will they submit to their fatal desire?

I'll tell you right off the bat that this is book two of a series, and reading book one would be really helpful. I did not read book one, and I really struggled just trying to figure out what the hell was actually going on because there isn't a whole lot of back story given. What that being said? I still enjoyed it. 

It's definitely a romance novel with a LOT of fantasy/paranormal going on. Our lead characters are a dragon and a demon. Curiously enough, the demon is supposed to be deadly to a dragon yet the gods deemed it necessary to have them be mates. Which seems unnecessarily cruel until the story gets going and you see why that actually is the case. Can Caleb with Lileta's heart? If he can, their mating won't kill him. Lileta is a demon though, so she has some issues to work through and having been essentially sold as a sex slave for years, trust isn't the easiest thing for her to do when it comes to romantic gestures. Never mind that while they are trying to figure that all out, there is a battle raging on. Lileta struggles with her inner demon after finding out who her true father is. Caleb and Lileta's relationship is put to the test several times and let's just say, a lot of cloak and dagger stuff happens, people die, and new families are formed. 

I absolutely would give this a five star review. Sure, I was a little lost in the beginning, but I was basically hooked within the first chapter and I even burned my chicken fajitas because I couldn't tear myself away to cook. Matt can attest that burnt chicken fajitas are gross, so if you are going to read this, perhaps have someone else take the helm while you're reading. If you are a fan of paranormal erotica, you're going to really enjoy this. It reminds me of books I've read from Keri Arthur and Christine Feehan so if you are a fan of them, you're going to enjoy this book quite a bit. I'm already anxious to find out what happens in book three. I'm going to just put my guess that the next heartthrob to get a mate is going to be Lucan and I already think I know who that is. But maybe it's Seth. I think Seth's new friend is going to be fairly prominent in the next book for sure. So, there's your hint.  

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