Thursday, October 23, 2014

12 Weeks

I have hit a landmark, you guys! I am officially 12 weeks along as of yesterday. It was kind of a monumental day all around, so let's talk about it.

My appointment was originally set for 1:30 but it got bumped up to 10:30, which kind of worked out a whole lot better considering how long I ended up being there. I never would have made it to pick my kids up from school on time.

They told me I had to have a full bladder for the ultrasound, which is no big deal. Right before I leave the house though, I did a sneeze/cough combo and peed my pants. So after a quick change of clothes, I filled my water bottle up and proceeded to chug it because of course, I no longer had a full bladder. We get to the clinic 15 minutes early, just like they said.

I proceed to then wait 45 minutes. Normally, I wouldn't care. I'd read a magazine. But I had a full bladder. So full, in fact, that it was becoming painful to even sit there. Cue the secretary coming out to fill her water bottle in the water machine thing and all I hear is chug, chug, chug and honestly? I almost peed the chair. She clearly saw my face, profusely apologized, and said she'd find the ultrasound tech for me.

Another 15 minutes later, I get called back. She asks if I'm full and I say my bladder is going to burst at any moment. The best part is when she asks if I can pee just a little. Who can pee just a little? Nobody, it's all or nothing, lady.

So we do my ultrasound with a painfully full bladder.

And it's still terrifying. Because let me fill you in on a little secret, I was so scared for this appointment. I was convinced something was going to  be wrong, and I was so scared I was shaking. I didn't sleep at all the night before and it was nerve wracking.

As she's doing the ultrasound, I don't see a heartbeat. I see nothing moving. Finally after a few minutes, I had to just ask her to please tell me if there is a heartbeat. I think she was taken aback but then said, "Oh yes, it's right there." but guys? I saw nothing.

Until my sweet babe stretched it's little leg and pointed it's foot.

Clearly shown here. It apparently isn't a fan of waving so much and likes to kick, so there it was. We saw a kick!
Then we got a close up of the face (it's looking up) as it was getting ready to rub it's face, which it did a lot.

The heartbeat was 173 bpm, so old wives tale says that's a girl. The doctor laughed and said who even knows, that's only 50% right at best so we'll wait. The bad news is that the genetic testing we did does not test for gender. Apparently that costs a lot more (at least around here), so we opted to just to wait a few more weeks (8) to see.
12 weeks
But here I am at 12 weeks. I'm up two pounds, which is astonishing to me consider how little I've eaten in the last four weeks but there you go. Oh yes, and I cut 10 inches of hair off since my last update. Mostly because my hair kept dipping into the toilet, and I figured this was at least an issue I could fix. I notice a difference in my tummy from 8 weeks:
8 weeks
It's slight, but it's there. My boobs have also gotten bigger, so that's terrible. I'm having to wear a sports bra all of the time to get any kind of comfort because none of my regular bras will do the trick. Lots of spillage. So I'm hoping in the next couple of paydays I can afford to get actual maternity bras, or at least some front closure sports bras. 

Other than that, I'm feeling OK. It's definitely not great, but it's not as bad as it's been. I had gotten excited yesterday that it had been three or four days since I had thrown up, and then last night I got hit with a massive head cold and this morning I threw up my breakfast. I'm still exhausted basically all of the time, I feel like I have just run a marathon just walking from one end of the house to the other. I'm hoping with not being so sick, I can start walking the neighborhood in the evening because it starts snowing and getting really cold. I also am going to start up my Prenatal Pilates again and see if that'll help. I figure maybe I can tone my arms and legs and worry about the middle later. If I can keep my arms and legs in check, maybe I won't feel so huge and gross by the end. 

So May 6th is still the due date, and I'll find out what I'm having right around Christmas. Next appointment is right before Thanksgiving and that's the second half of a genetic screening and a tummy check. But we made it, lambs! 12 weeks. I feel damn good about that. 


Unknown said...

so happy you made it and hope it all goes smoothly from here! what an adorable ultrasound :)

middle child said...

Sounds like you are doing well mentally and physically. I'm praying for you. I plan to live vicariously thru you if that's ok

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