Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 11

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was determined to be one of those obnoxiously cute pregnant women who are over the moon and eager to share every single detail, and document what is most likely my last pregnancy. Which, as an aside, I'm working on a future post about that as well. But as it turns out, I'm super tired. So here's a quick recap of what it's like to be eleven weeks pregnant, age 32, with my third baby.

  • I am tired. Like super tired. All of the time. I understand that this is a common pregnancy symptom, but what you should know is that with my pregnancies with Olivia and Jackson, I had zero of this crap. None. The worst I have ever had was nonstop heartburn with Olivia, and Jackson just stopped moving around 8 months and it turns out he was just lazy. So this being exhausted is awful. 
  • So is feeling sick at everything. Almost every smell makes me sick, eating is a chore, and I go from not hungry to Ethiopian starving in one second flat with no warning. I hate it. I can't plan for it at all. 
  • I feel huge. I feel a lot larger than I should be. I didn't show until about 18 weeks with Olivia, and about 15 or 16 weeks with Jackson. I'm 11 weeks right now and I feel like I look five months along. Good lord. 
  • Other than all of that? I don't even feel pregnant at all. Like not at all.
  • I'm still split down the middle between being excited and being terrified and unsure. 
  • But I'm still a planner no matter what- I have the nursery about half done, and between some really good garage sale finds and really great friends getting rid of their used baby stuff, I'm kind of set with the big things. I'll find out what I'm going to have so I can get some cute gender theme clothing. 
  • I have a great friend, Amy, who is throwing a shower for me. I'm pretty excited about it and it'll be fun to celebrate with close friends. 
  • Matt is pretty excited. He's working a lot right now, so I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with him, but he's been as helpful and supportive as he can be with his schedule. He doesn't even blink an eye when I ask for pizza at 9 p.m.! 

Next week I have my 12 week ultrasound and genetic testing. I'm not putting a whole lot of thought into it, but what's weird is that again, I'm terrified for the ultrasound. I know I've already seen a heartbeat and I'm probably just fine. I also can't help but feel nervous for it. I hope the feeling of being scared for my appointments goes away soon. 


Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Lots of good thoughts for the 12 week ultra! The tired is awful I'm sure. Not done the pregnancy before but oh that would be a rough bit for me. Hope it passes soon and you get your vroom back :)

middle child said...


Julie H said...

One of my best friends is pregnant. She's either constipated or throwing up every other day. It doesn't seem like much fun at all ;)

Life Love & High Heels said...

I think it's normal to be both scared and excited even if it's your third. Although I've never been pregnant, from what I hear, they're all different. So hang in there for the 9mo ride and hold tight! You'll get the hang of it. Pretty soon there will be a little one around and you'll forget all about this stuff ;) And then I'll be at your house getting in some baby time while you take a nap :) I'll probably even get some housework done for you too! I just don't do other people's toilets though. I have a hard enough time cleaning the ones at my house. haha :)