Friday, March 27, 2015

The end is near, lambs.

It's certainly the end of the week and thank god for it. I tell you. This week has been excruciatingly and unnecessarily long. It's just been one big thing to do after another and I'm mentally fried. I won't even speak to being exhausted because that's just a given. Here are some things that I'm thinking about as the week winds down:

  1. Kids are assholes. I'm just going to say it. I'm finding more and more this week that parents are 100% oblivious to how their kids actually are at school. They also don't want to really know how they are or what they are doing because I get the inevitable, "Well, my daughter says she didn't say/do that." Right. Because like she's going to say, "Yeah mom, I'm an asshole to other kids at school. My bad." Come on, now. 
  2. You really can't win at anything in life. You just can't. No matter what I do, there is always someone who is quick to text, call, or email me a complaint. Always. I do what I'm asked and even still, complainers. 
  3. Every time I feel like quitting one of my volunteer things, because it's mentally exhausting to deal with the drama and complaints and the "you should have done this..", I immediately feel guilty because then I get several people who are like, "but you do a GREAT job, please don't go". It's like, nobody wants to do the job but you have to make it so damn hard for the person who is? Come on, now. 
  4. You guys- I have like, five weeks, until my due date. I'm only three weeks from when I'm considered full term. It's kind of terrifying but super exciting. 
  5. I have decided I am not 100% terrified of labor and delivery. You know what it is? I think because it was so by-the-book with Olivia (had bloody show, water broke, contractions were super productive and great, she literally came out on her own), and I was induced with Jackson so it was pre-planned and organized and I just knew in advance what was happening, that all of that has screwed me up this time. Because I have a feeling Penelope will have some terrific birth story that would land me on the evening news. I just don't want to be that person delivering a baby in a mini van on the middle of the bridge connecting Wisconsin and Minnesota and Matt getting spotty directions from a 911 person. I just really don't want any of that. 
  6. Jackson is going to be 7 next week. I'm not ready for him to be getting so big. 
  7. Matt and I have been having some serious research and discussion talks recently. I haven't sorted through all of the feelings yet, but it weighs on me heavily right now. 
  8. I start my maternity leave next week and thank god. My doctor said it's not a good sign if I'm having contractions all of the time and that I really need to rest. I'm not on bed rest per say, but I am "highly encouraged" to not do as much as I normally would do. So today is my last day at work for the school year. I'm kind of bummed. I'm worried I am going to be bored out of my mind. I'm also grateful because I'm not joking, the level of exhaustion at this point is truly unbearable. 
  9. We have zero Easter plans. I can't afford to make an Easter dinner this year (it was Easter dinner or a present for Jackson's birthday and Easter baskets for the kids. I chose the latter two.) and I'm kind of OK with it. Easter is kind of a lame holiday for me, but I celebrate it because the kids love it so. Now the struggle is to not eat all of the jellybeans I bought to fill the plastic eggs I always hide in the yard. 
  10. I need to find ways to bring in some kind of income in this summer. It doesn't need to be a lot, but it has to be something I can do with my kids around. Matt's work schedule is such that he is in no position to watch the kids while I work an evening job. By the end of his 12-14 hour shifts every day he's basically a zombie. I'm lucky he even showers at this point because he's so tired. So if you've got idea- let me know. 
Here's to a good weekend. My plans involve cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and clearing out stuff we don't need. It's spring, and spring cleaning is happening. Or nesting. This year we can call it nesting. 

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