Tuesday, March 31, 2015

People who got their crafty on. And then me.

I was going through my blog folder on my computer today when I realized I am a moron and totally forgot to post about some super awesome things I've purchased, received, or made.

Pregnancy brain is a real thing, you guys.

We won't even talk about how it took me almost five full minutes to figure out how to plug the toaster in. It's really quite amazing I did not electrocute myself in the process.


So first up is this super cute purse and wallet I bought. I have a friend named Jessica who is pretty much amazing at sewing various things. I met her through blogging, then we became Facebook friends, and I pretty much stalk the Facebook page for her little business, Jess Lynn Designs. I knew what purse and wallet I wanted but I wasn't sure about which fabric I wanted and it was really tough. UNTIL. Until I saw the purse fabric. I saw that first and was like, YES. Yes to it all day long. Then a few days later she posted the wallet and I was like YES, I OBVIOUSLY NEED A NEW WALLET. (And you know what? I really did shout it at my computer so the use of caps lock is absolutely warranted.) So I ordered both.

Then they came and I know I pretty much squealed loud enough to make the cats scatter but not the dog because he's a needy bastard. But aren't they just the best? They are, you're jealous and it's OK. Work through those feelings. It's the perfect size cross body purse, it has loads of room. The wallet is gorgeous and perfect and my cards slide in and out of the slots perfectly and it's just so great.

But that wasn't all.

She even sent a little something for Penelope.
If you send me a package and make note that it's "white trash wrapping", you damn right I'm going to take a picture. Love it.
But ooh.... love these MORE. SO MUCH MORE.
Do you love?! Yes, you love. You wish you had. God knows if Penelope is anything like Olivia or Jackson, she will have acid reflux and be a champion projectile vomit producing babe, so these are going to get so much use.

Jess has her Facebook page but she also has an Etsy page. I also ended up buying Olivia a super cute adjustable strap hip purse on sale from Jessica, too. It's a purple tie-dye one that I can't take a picture of because it's in the hoard otherwise known as her room. *sigh*

So THEN. A few weeks ago I had posted this picture on Facebook of tiny little baby sandals that are knit or crocheted. (Honestly? I can't tell the difference so forgive me if I'm totally offending the crafting community. To be fair, I can't sew a button back onto my own pants so I literally have zero smarts.) As it turns out, one of my real life friends can totally make these. And she literally whipped them out in a night and I totally squealed when I got them.
You know Penelope is going to be freaking adorable in these. Little painted toes? I die.

The other thing is that I am out of handmade cards. Which, I know, it's surprising to me as well. I just completely slacked off and I've been in a crafty rut and I just... I'm lame. I'm sorry.


I just happened to be digging through crap on my desk and I found a One Sheet Wonder template I had printed from somewhere and I was like- let me just do this now so I feel like I've done something with a thing I found on the internet.
I cut all of my pieces according to the template. Which was harder than it should be because I suck at math and measurements, literally cannot read a ruler, and I'm doing this with a case of Pregnancy Dumb and the fact I only had weird random strips left over is a miracle. Frankly, I don't know where they came from because I shouldn't have had them, but I went with it anyways.
Then I assembled! I didn't stamp any sentiments on them because I figured blank cards will do me for right now. I can make them be whatever I need. But the goal was to get some of my crafty juices flowing again and it certainly helped. I managed to then finish our Las Vegas scrapbook (you know, from that trip Matt and I took oh.... four, maybe five years ago?!), and I'm almost done with our Florida scrapbook (from two years ago), and made plans for our South Dakota scrapbook. My goal is to get that done before Penelope comes, which means I need to start cracking.


Except I can't figure out how to put the adhesive into my roller so I'm waiting on Matt. He never feels a sense of urgency in anything so I might have to break out the white trash glue stick like it's 2002 again.


jn said...

Adorable cards Sara !! I know what I like and I like these !! Your purse is adorable as well. I have a similiar pattern but have yet to dive in. Maybe I will now....Take care dearie....If you ever want company stamping....call me. I stamp alone and would love company.

Tales of a Misfit Housewife said...

OMG I have no idea how I EVER missed this.. oh sure I do... I don't follow blogspot at all anymore..eek! I come to your page all the time and read your posts but have not in a while.. Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful post on the purse and stuff.. you are so sweet! I can't wait to see little Penelope!