Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2 months

I can hardly believe that Penelope is two months old already. Some days it feels like, "holy crap- how are you two months??" and other days it feels more like, "Are you kidding me? It's ONLY been two months?!". But every day is certainly different and fun with her.

First off, she makes hilarious faces at me.
It feels wrong to laugh at her but I do it anyways.
She's a huge snuggle bug. She's most happy when being held, but holding her monkey or jingle puppy (not shown) are close seconds.
She absolutely adores Olivia, but I think she likes Jackson more. Mostly because he puts on "puppet shows" for her every day with random toys. He makes up voices and everything.
She smiles at him all of the time. She probably thinks he's nuts.
But she's often pretty chill.She is hands down, the easiest baby I've ever had. And yes, she is as long as she looks here.
Sometimes she zones out.
But then she starts smiling and you can't help but want to squeeze her guts. Or just her thighs.
She is a fan of eating, not so much a fan of napping but she'll do it under duress.
She's the sweetest little thing. Totally happy with life. Every morning when I go into her room, as soon as she sees me she starts flailing, smiling, and trying so hard to coo. It's the best start to a day, easily.
I thought staying at home would be really hard with a baby, and so far we've had a few difficult days, but for the most part it's a breeze. I am in love with this baby and even just a few hours away from her is difficult. I'm clearly her favorite, and that doesn't hurt either.


thotlady said...

I am happy things are going well. Cute little sweetie.

another jennifer said...

She's adorable!