Thursday, July 23, 2015

A week of Penelope: week 11

Actually, if we are getting technical, she is 12 weeks this week, but these photos are from last week. As my friend Shirley would say, the end of two months old is when the unicorn glitter has pretty much worn off. We are seeing some personality beyond the "I'm super cute, just squeeze and kiss me all day". She still wants those things but honestly, this kid is heavy. We've got to be pushing 15 pounds and while this isn't much to carry from the trunk of your car to the house, hauling this around all day with one arm is heavy. You'd think by now I'd have some guns for arms but no. Granted, I'm not as flappy so there is that.

Although she has excellent head control, we still do tummy time because she has to learn how to roll.
This is basically what she thinks about it. She's not pleased.
Some days (just kidding, MOST days), 5:15 p.m. is the most glorious time of the day. Matt gets home then and Penelope knows that means she gets passed to him. He will feed her as soon as he gets home and she will almost certainly pass out on his chest. I maybe have struggled all damn day to get her to nap in her crib (she will not break me, dammit!) but it all goes to hell because he falls asleep on the couch with her as I cook dinner. It's kind of adorable, and I hate myself the next day when she somehow thinks that's what I'll do all day with her.
I found a used jumperoo on a Facebook sale page and after cleaning it and managing to get the seat cover (on my OWN, folks) off to wash (and subsequently back on, on my OWN), we gave it a test spin.
She pretty much loves it.
Enough where I've been able to consistently eat either breakfast or lunch (but not both, she will not stand for two meals in a day under her regime). She doesn't fully understand how to reach for the toys attached to it, so I've put her favorite ball on some linky doo's in there and she basically holds that and licks it while standing there. Whatever, I'll take it. 


Cynthia said...

What a cutie pie

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...she is adorable! My little guy HATED tummy time so much. And when my first son would fall asleep on my chest, it was my favorite thing ever. The twins wouldn't ever do it.

A Life of Love and Joy said...

My little one HATED tummy time. And I caved too much. Next baby I plan on being a tummy time drill sergeant! And yes to when the husband comes home! I legit hand her off and leave the room, haha! No offense to my sweet baby girl, but come 6:15, I'm so ready for a break so I can cook dinner!