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Woo-hoo, book review time!

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Aeromancist - Charmaine Pauls
Passion always comes with a price.
All he could offer was thirty days of passion.
He condemned her to a terrible fate instead.
Now he’ll do everything in his power to save her.
He is known as the Weatherman. Lann DrĂ©an is the last of his kind. A price on his head, chased for a power he should not possess, he can’t promise any woman forever. All he can offer Katherine White is thirty days of passion. But his uncontainable desire comes with an unforeseen price. Lann’s lust will cost Kat everything. Now he’ll do anything to save her from the fate he has brought upon her.
While technically this book can act as a stand alone novel, I would have preferred to read the first one before I read this. I missed the entire thirty days of Lann and Katherine's relationship which is kind of crucial to understanding why Katherine is so hard on him. But that aside, I really enjoyed this book. 
It's a paranormal romance and quite honestly, I can't say that I have ever read a book where the paranormal element isn't the person turning into something but more being able to control a worldly element. In Lann's situation, he can control weather/storms. Katherine is just a regular ol' human gal who stupidly falls in love with a guy who can't possibly give her normal, but she doesn't care, she jumps at the opportunity of the 30 days. Except now the 30 days is done and she finds herself in a really horrible predicament, one that involves her contacting Lann, expressly violating the terms of their agreement. 
Of course when she explains to him her situation, he doesn't believe her, and she's rightfully upset yet stupidly determined. She ends up doing what all heroines do in romance novels, and puts herself in ridiculous danger because she's stubborn and refuses to just do what she's told. Cue Lann being the testosterone fueled hero determined to save her at all costs. 
I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. The romance scenes were erotic enough to be entertaining yet not over the top. I can't say I've read books with breath play, which sounds absolutely terrifying yet the author makes it erotic enough that your curiosity is piqued. It is a paranormal romance so while we are heavy on romance we are also heavy on a paranormal story line, which is absolutely fascinating and so well written- I really enjoyed them. It's like having a whole new world open up to you beyond vampires, weres, demons, fallen angels, etc. It's refreshing to have a whole new paranormal society out there for us to enjoy. I really enjoyed this book. I'm going to have to go back to read book one and keep my eye out for the rest of this series- I want to know where the author is taking us. 
The great thing is the author has several books available and you can learn more about Charmaine on her website. You can catch up with her on Facebook and Twitter as well! Looking to order Aeromancist for your very own? Easily done on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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