Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Being a great mom leads you to heat exhaustion.

I have all kinds of things to blog about, but this week is looking terrible and it's only Tuesday. The quick and dirty? I took Olivia to see One Direction with my mom on Sunday. She had a really wonderful time at her second concert ever!

We ended up having to sit in the sun for hours and it hovered right around 90 degrees the entire time.  By the time I got home, around 1:00 am, I was so exhausted, dizzy, puking, and had a headache. I assumed it was because I had a long day.Turns out, heat exhaustion is totally real and it totally sucks. Admittedly, I have never been drunk or have had a hangover (because I don't drink at all, ever) but Matt assures me it feels similar.

Which begs the question: who does this willingly? What is WRONG with you?

Anyways. I begged him to call in to work because literally, I couldn't do anything. I threw up so much yesterday, had the worst headache, and almost fell down the stairs twice because I was so dizzy. I did rest a bunch yesterday but today? I still feel like crap.

Unfortunate, because today I am driving down to the Twin Cities again, this time to take my kids to Como Zoo and then see my brother, my sister in law, and their cute little baby. My mom is coming with me but still. I am definitely not feeling 100% and of course, it's supposed to be in the high 80's while we're there. It's almost 6:30 in the morning, I've already got a headache and I'm so tired I can't think. If it wasn't so hard to plan a day to meet up with them, I'd cancel and go a different day. But I've got things going on every other day the rest of summer (literally) so it's today or no day.

Should be super.

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