Sunday, August 9, 2015

Try It Sunday: The saddest little summer salad you ever did see.

I feel like I have to start this off by telling you I'm not actually a bad cook and I'm usually far more prepared than I was when I set out to make this salad for Matt.

This isn't actually a "recipe" per say, it's more of a "dump what I have and call it good" salad because that's essentially what I do. 

- a meat (I'm using diced ham here, but I usually use tuna because that's what Matt prefers)
- a pasta of your choice (I usually use rings or elbow macaroni, but this week I had bow ties)
- mayo
- mustard
- onion 
- carrots (I didn't have any. Whoops!)
- peas
- Ranch dressing
- some kind of shredded cheese (totally optional, and I'm only using it because I used ham)

Now, I consulted Edward before I decided to cook and he assured me that I did indeed have peas. 

It turns out Edward was wrong. But I found these and I thought maybe I could make these work. Except then I realized, I had no recollection of buying these. Where did these come from? Oh yes, they were from my brother's freezer from when he moved. Over a year ago. 

Turns out, things can go bad in a freezer so these weren't smelling great as I cooked them and they looked vaguely like spinach. So I threw them out and went with plan B. Just wait till you see what that was. 


So while I was chastising Edward over his absolute screw up, I got everything else ready. My pasta was cooked, I chopped my onion, I got everything all ready while my veggies cooked and then cooled.
Yeah that's right, I went with mixed vegetables. Don't judge, people, don't judge. It's what I had and I wasn't trying to run to the store for peas only. But it also solved my carrot problem so really, this was a win.
Dump everything into your bowl and mix. There aren't any measurements on the mayo, mustard, or dressing because it's kind of to your taste.
Matt likes it so it isn't goopy, but you can still taste all of the different things in it. I don't eat any of this because I hate basically everything in this aside from the noodles and cheese.
Edward was feeling pleased because somehow, I was able to not make this ridiculously ghetto. Matt ate the entire huge container for breakfast at work because he is gross and weird.

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The Flynnigans said...

You should start your own catering company. ;P Totalllllllllllly just joking with you, you know I love you. lol