Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book Subscription Boxes... your complete break down.

You know for the last two months I have been paying and receiving The Bookworm Box monthly book subscription. It's pricey and I've been on the fence because the swag has been consistently lame but the books have been amazing. That box has run about $47 after shipping and you get two signed by the author books and swag. Well their Facebook page recently said they are suspending the program because whatever companies they use to facilitate the payments coming in and shipping are not working for them. Which, I'm sorry, is a bit ridiculous. I don't know how every other book subscription company is doing it but The Bookworm Box cannot.

So in the meantime, I have been researching some other book subscription services not only as a replacement but because I've gotten some questions on whether or not any of them ship internationally. Hopefully this break down will help you pick a subscription that works for you.

Bookcase Club: This box runs about $9.99 per month, but promises two books and you get to choose the theme. US only.

Bookcase: You have two choices (Casual, $8.95 or Bookworm $17.95) to pick from depending on how much you like to read. Casual gives you one book and Bookworm gives you three books. It's a steal of a deal considering shipping is only $4.99 for your bundle and this is cheaper than buying something at a store.

Fresh Fiction: $24.95 per month, but promises one new paperback novel, 4-6 ebooks (comes as a QR code or coupon code for an online retailer), and swag. This one does ship internationally with additional shipping fees.

Owl Crate: $29.99 per month and up, but promises 1 YA book, 3-5 "bookish" swag, and it's a themed box each month. They do ship internationally, but there is a wait list. You can join that list to be notified when more subscriptions open up. I signed up for the wait list, we'll see if/when I get in.

Uppercase Box: This one is a bit different, it's $23.00-29.00 per month, but you only get 1 YA book, 1 book accessory, and a personal explanation of why they chose that book for you. It only ships to US/Canada.

The Book Drop: Interestingly, this one is run by a small, independent book store. It runs anywhere from $13 to $16 per month, and in return you get 1 book of their choosing, 1 signed book plate OR your book is signed, and/or a swag item.

Lit-Cube: I'm going to be honest and tell you right now I'm signing up for this one for sure. It's $34.99 per month after shipping but you get at least one book, sometimes two, loads of swag, sometimes you get t-shirts, and each box is themed. If you follow their Facebook page you'll get as excited about the swag as they are because they hype their boxes up! Unfortunately, it only ships to US/Canada right now. They also have a Lit Cube Junior option for younger kids so you and your kids could be getting fun mail.

BotmBox: I know nothing about this! It's just starting out, their website asks you to enter your email address to get on the newsletter list and it looks like sign up's happen in September. Something to maybe keep your eye out for? With very little information on the site about what you would be getting and the fee associated with that, I'm nervous.

Now, if you are looking for fun mail each month but you're worried you won't like the books chosen for you and you really just want fun book related items, here are a couple of options you might enjoy:

Bibliobox: A little off shoot of Cratejoy, these boxes are $18 per month and offer you 3-5 book inspired, hand crafted items. You never know what you'll get but it definitely sounds interesting. They do ship internationally!

Bookish Box: A little bit pricier at $29.99 per month, but it offers 1 shirt and 3-5 home/beauty/fashion items.

My thoughts? I think if you like e-books, Fresh Fiction Box might be the one to try considering the reveals I've seen show items totaling over the $24.95 you are paying, and that's kind of nice. I really want to try Uppercase Box but I'm afraid it's over priced for what I would get. I'm on the Owl Crate waiting list and I'm for sure going to sign up for Lit Cube on Friday. I'm also signed up for the BOTM (Book of the Month) newsletter list so we'll see. As over priced as The Bookworm Box was, I miss the book selections. I cannot emphasize enough how spot on amazing all four of the books I received was. I also like getting more than one book in the mail and I'm not a fan of ebooks so it makes it hard.


The Flynnigans said...

There is certainly a box for everything nowadays.

Seriously though, wtf did we do before the internets?!

Unknown said...

There are just so many boxes!!! UGH! I want them all!

DoingDewey said...

Thanks for putting this together! It's a great resource. I'm always tempted by book boxes and always decide I currently own too many unread books to justify paying for them, but I'd definitely consider some of the cheaper options on your lists. I like that The Bookcase Club lets you pick a theme, but the signed book/bookplate from The Book Drop is also really appealing!