Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bookworm Box: October

Well, The Bookworm Box took September off to pretty much get their shit together, but they came back in October. I just... I don't know how I feel about it.

Immediately, I noticed they switched their box. What's really weird is a lot of the book subscription companies talk about their box, like, "We have new boxes!!" and I'm over here wondering who actually cares? Because I don't care. So long as my stuff gets to me in one piece, I'm happy.

In the box this month I got:
two books, a gross candy bar, yet another chapstick, and a crap ton of bookmarks and stuff. Oh, and a pen. I can't knock the pen because I do like the pens. People keep stealing mine because they really are that good.

What is annoying is that the Jamie McGuire book is part of a series, and I don't have the others so now I have to get the others so I know what's going on. Equally annoying because you know how I feel about Jamie McGuire, so now I'm torn. The other book is a new-to-me author, Kathryn Perez, and that actually looks promising. I'm just really over all of the book marks. I have resorted to throwing them away because honestly, who needs all of this shit? As much as I hate to get rid of it, because the first two boxes were SO stellar and these last two have been kind of lame ass, I feel like I might have to bite the bullet. The concept of this box is tremendous- all of the contents are donated, proceeds are then given to charities. The execution of it and what you're getting for your monthly fee? Not really feeling worth it. I want to feel like I'm at least getting my money's worth and I'm just not. Whomp, whomp.

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