Thursday, November 12, 2015

Owl Crate Spooky Box!

Of all of the book subscription boxes I'm in on (three, no shame lambs, no shame), this is maybe my favorite?

The theme for October was "Spooky" and it had all kinds of fun things!

First and foremost, we got A Madness So Discreet  by Mindy McGinnis. My inner nerd loves that the books come wrapped in plastic. I don't know why I love that, but I do. The book is getting amazing reviews and I had been eyeing it up so I'm happy to have gotten it. The quick and dirty is that it's about insane asylums. Along with it, we got a letter from the author about the book and a mini poster.

Also, we got some sugar skull erasers, not sure what I'm doing with those but they look pretty. The only weird "why do I want this" item was scented beads with a vampire scent. It's from Adventure Scents and I'm not a fan of scenty things gifted to me because I'm pretty sensitive and weird things will trigger a migraine so these are going to someone else.

We also got an Edgar Allen Poe canvas bag. I'm actually going to use this in my purse to hold all of the chapsticks I feel I need. (Seriously, I probably have 12 in there right now).

Overall? Very cool little box. I'm so excited about the book- watch for a review on that one eventually!


Chrissy said...

How awesome! I would have loved a book bag like this one as well! Happy Thursday

Danielle said...

I had no idea there was a subscription box for book lovers. I'm probably more excited than I should be about that LOL. I must check it out now.

mypixieblog said...

Totally adding that book to my Goodreads list. Thanks for sharing--sounds perfectly spooky for this time of year :)


Unknown said...

This seems like a subscription box I would actually enjoy getting. Looking forward to hearing how you like the book!

annies home said...

wow you shared so much in this post all of which is very interesting to this lady who loves to read

Unknown said...

Sounds like this was a fun box. I really like the bag, and I'm looking forward to your review of the book. I also like those erasers...very cute.

Jenn @ Smalltown Bookworm said...

Um. This is a ridiculous amount of awesomeness. I'd love it!