Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Wish List

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Christmas. I take a lot of joy buying gifts for people and often spend way more than I should. This year I've pre-planned what I'm doing for everyone so hopefully I don't get carried away. But every year I do my Christmas wish list in the hopes that I get some of these things.


1. Chameleon Art Pens
Chameleon Alcohol Color Tone Marker Set of 22 - Deluxe Kit
I have so many stamp sets that require me to color something in and then I don't use them because I'm terrible with shading and it never comes out like I see tutorials doing it so I get frustrated. I have watched the videos on these pens hundreds of times and I really think these are fool proof. I want them so badly!

2. Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit

Do you know how many gifts I could make with this?! A TON. I've wanted this for awhile and I'm confident that after a few changes in my craft room I'd have room for it. And then I could load up my Etsy shop with lots of cute things!

3. Anything from Sassy Lemonade, but especially these whale earrings.
I am in love with the shop Sassy Lemonade on Etsy. I wanted to buy it all but I have zero funds. Just kidding, a few friends might get an item from here because I love Etsy and I try to buy as much as I can from various shops and support local.


As if I wasn't going to include books on my list. Here are the ones I've been itching for:

But obviously a Barnes & Noble gift card would be amazing as well.

5. Dracula Scarf.
6. Supernatural Shirt
I'm a size large. I need this in my life.

7. A gift card so I can shop and buy a ton of Stampin' Up stuff! I love all of their stamps, inks, tools, and paper. I'm a junkie. I was sober for a long time but I've basically fallen off the wagon.

8. I want Matt to make me this desk for my office so I can get rid of the desk I hate. But I'd like three shelves because I don't want you to see my feet. That's totally storage space possibility!
oh, no-- this one is EVEN BETTER

9. Shoe Cabinet (that could easily double as better storage at the top of our stairs instead of the dresser that is falling apart up there now. JUST SAYING.) 
 10. Scarf organizer. Nothing fancy, something like this would be perfect!
 11. Victoria's Secret Gift Card.
Let's face it, I'm down to three pairs of underwear (that fit) because the mother effing dog EATS THEM ALL. Also, my boobs are larger than I would like and have not gone back down to normal size since having Penelope and also, the bras I have that do fit are so stretched out it seems a wasted effort. 

I don't have any of the seasons on disc, I've just been watching them through Netflix, but I'm not done! I'm working my way through season 8, and I believe season 11 is happening right now on real TV. But I don't need the box (obviously, I just like the picture), but I would like this. 

Um, I think that's it. HA! But honestly, I love gifts that people find and are like, "Oh, this is SO SARA" because that means you thought of me while you were out and about, and that's perfect. But I know Matt is looking at this, and I've included buy links on almost everything (if it's in color, it's a link) so there is zero excuse for you to say you have no idea where to find it. Love you. Smooches. 

What's on YOUR wish list this year?! 


Claire said...

Ha love it all. Yeh. Books. Sparkly things. Chocolates. Toiletries. Pretty much anything for me haha.

Crystal said...

I love Becca Fitzgerald! Books are always on my wishlist. Those earrings are adorable and I really want that Dracula scarf! My pup was named after Mina from the books (I wanted a name based in literature and I've always loved that name), so I'm all about Dracula stuff now. :) Although, I was all about Dracula stuff before I named my dog after one of the characters so I don't think I can use that as an excuse. Great wishlist! My family actually doesn't do presents (only for kids), so I never really think of what would be on my wishlist, but books for sure, along with some makeup items, jewelry and art supplies. That's pretty much what I look for these days.

But, if you really want to make my day, buy dog food or pay for Mina to go to the groomer! I was joking with my dad that he should send me flowers on Valentine's Day, like a coworker's dad did. He was like, "Well, no flowers, but I noticed you're almost out of dog food so I picked up a bag." That was so much better than flowers! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Hah! Nice - this should really help your husband, and anyone else reading that wants to buy you a gift. I usually post a Wish List on my blog too - it tends to help my mom and sister. I love buying gifts for other people. I'll spend way more on someone else than I will on something for myself.


Alexandra S said...

Those earrings are so cute! I really hope you get them :) And some of the other things as well of course ha

The Flynnigans said...

I used to go to stampin up parties and I would swoon over the lady's workshop space. It was so pretty and organized and I dreamed of having a space like that one day to call my own. Then, come to realise just how much money all the collections and stamps and pretties were, my collection was adding up and no were to stash things. I love making cards and I've made some scrap books, but its just super expensive and time consuming. I did, however, make my own wedding invitations (which were NOT cheaper in the end) and I was pleased with the results. We could have so much fun together stampin' and scrapbookin..... :)

I'm loving those whale earring, super cute and precious! Also loving the desk space and the shoe cabinet. I've always wanted a narrow shoe dresser/cabinet but never justified the expense/looked into it further.

I hope someone accidentally emails Matt this list ;)

Unknown said...

Love your list! That Dracula scarf is going on mine for sure. Love it! And that shoe cabinet? That needs to be in my life too!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Hahaha, I love your message to Matt at the end. Umm, I'm gonna need someone to make that desk for me real quick too! I love it! And those whale earrings are so cute.

Unknown said...

Great wish list! I actually don't have any books on my wish list right now because I've been reading a ton from the library, and my list there is pretty long too. I love those earrings, and that shoe cabinet too.

Anonymous said...

What a great wish list! I think if I add any books to my wish list my husband might kill me. I have 10 on my night stand to read and that's not counting the 40+ books on my to-read bookshelf in the office. Did I mention I love books? I had a hard time coming up with my wish list this year. But after some shopping, I found this really great pair of brown boots that I'm super excited about. Mine have been pinching my toes since the moment I got them, so I never wear them any more. I also found an adorable Speck case for my phone, so hopefully this one won't get destroyed like the last one.

Unknown said...

Victoria Secret is always on my wish list! Even after I just leave the store! LOL what a great list! I hope you get as many as these checked off as possible!

Donni said...

I love they desk!! A Cameo is on my list too! Crafters gonna craft. Happy holidays to you and I hope you get everything on your list.