Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bookworm Box: December

I'm going to get a little bitchy on this one and tell you upfront that the great quality of the books is no longer cutting it with this box. I know, it's a harsh way to start the post but I've damn near had it.

First off, let me start by saying I fully understand the December box was VERY delayed because of an order of books being ruined and needing to be replaced and then all of the flooding in Texas, where the Bookworm Box headquarters is. I get it, those are both things out of your hands, that sucks, but you know- you're a business. If you haven't liked their page on Facebook, you wouldn't have known about your box being delayed because an email never went out to people who paid. Oh, I stand corrected- some people got emails, some did not (I didn't), and when I emailed to ask where my box was, I was referred to their Facebook page post, which they copied and pasted.

Now, I understand that this subscription box is done solely with volunteers and the money goes to charities. In 2015 they donated a LOT to charities and that is another one of the things that keeps me hanging on. Like, should I be pissy when my money is going towards a good cause? Do I have a right to be like that? Most people make donations and get nothing in return, but I'm getting a box of stuff.

But let's talk about that box of stuff. First up, stop sending the pens and chapsticks. Seriously. I know you probably got them at a ridiculous discount if you ordered in quantities of 5,000 or more but I can't be the only one feeling screwed over when we get yet another chapstick and pen so you can get rid of them.

Secondly, STOP IT with the bookmarks. Please don't call bookmarks that are advertising other books as "swag". That's not swag- that's shit we throw out because nobody needs 300 bookmarks in their life. You just don't. Oh, and magnets. I know you got a bulk deal on those, but I have one on my fridge and it doesn't even hold anything up so now it's in my trash. This month we also got what I think are socks? Like really short ankle socks? It's not even a freaking matching pair. I don't know. Those might just get tossed.

All of the stuff from the box for December.
Admittedly, the books look stellar. I've had the Dina Silver on a to-read list so I'm happy to have gotten that. I do like that we are getting two books in the box versus the standard one in pretty much every other box out there. I'll give them that.

But what has really just done me in? The January box is late. LATE. It's not even being packed and mailed until today, and it is now February. I emailed them and said, where the hell is my January box, and I get a "Oops! We're running behind!".

Um? YOU'RE A BUSINESS. You are guaranteeing a product after receiving payment. You have sat on my January payment ALL MONTH and you don't feel like it's worth it to be really quick about mailing the product out? Especially when you said we'd get our December box the second week of January (late) and then January boxes would be mailed the following week. Which makes the January boxes already two weeks late, three by the time I actually get it. So what, February will be delayed because you just did January and February is a short month?

I think the overall concept of this subscription box is great. I do. I love supporting charities with my reading addiction, it's a win win for everyone.

But it's failing in the swag department, and it's failing badly in the timely delivery of the product. If you say you are going to ship on a specific date of the month, by fucking god, you better ship on or before that date. That's good customer service. Instead, they are relying on all of us customers to feel badly and be always understanding that it's strictly volunteer based and the "we can't help it" mentality.

Don't even get me started on how many times they've switched the company they use for monthly billing. This was a good idea, but it has been poorly executed. If I had gotten my crap together and realized it was February, I would have cancelled, but I've been charged so I guess I'll get a February box. And eventually my January box, which I still haven't even gotten any kind of email shipping confirmation for.

So if you are looking for a book subscription box- there are so many out there doing it better, and more efficiently, than The Bookworm Box. I know they are relatively new but here's hoping they get their shit together before others jump ship.


Susannah said...

Hmm... The people who make this box seem like they need to get their stuff figured out!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yeah...two books is cool and all, but the rest it just seems like random "swag" that people really don't want. I know I'm not a big fan of that random type of stuff - even if it features a book or author I like (like the bookmarks). I just pitch it. Sorry the last two months have been delayed and you haven't gotten January yet. Now that IS bad, even if it's a volunteer company. I mean, yeah, they don't get paid - but they need to find something that works or people won't subscribe and that's a bummer since they DO help charities.