Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bookworm Box: January

I know, it seems like I'm super behind on these and it's because these boxes are showing up more and more late every month. It's kind of absurd, really.

The only promising thing about this box are the books and I say that every month, don't I? This month the books looked especially on point and I've already read and reviewed Dirty English and I'm going to start the other one soon.

The swag was a bunch of crap bookmarks I threw out, a sticker, a pen, a guitar pick (also thrown out), and a tote bag that BROKE after one trip to the library. The handles ripped right off and I only have 4 kid books, 2 movies, and 2 paperback books. I also see they have an online store where you can buy some of the Bookworm Box swag that they have been giving out and I'm telling you right now, the prices are so high that having worked in jobs where I had to get promotional items- you are being ripped off by your vendors, Bookworm Box. Just putting that out there.
Anyways. These are the two books we got and I read Dirty English first because the cover is really great and I really liked the book. Yes, it had some annoying things about it but overall it wasn't a bad book and I'm excited for the upcoming sequel, which will feature the other British twin. The other book has a great cover and it's in my to-read list. I'm actually reading a book from the December box right now, Whisper If You Need Me, because that book had a pretty cover as well and so far it's a pretty good little book, but I'm only a third of the way through with it. Stay tuned for the review.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Wow, the swag is not even worth it. I'm glad you like the books at least. I hope you like The Fall Up. A blogger I follow LOVES it and it's been on my wish list since reading her review.