Thursday, October 5, 2017


I just have to get right into this review, no intro paragraph here.

Eighteen is hard.
And so is Mateo Alesci.
He’s hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts. He wants things from me.
Dirty things, nasty things, forbidden things.
And I have to give in.
His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can’t say no. The way he looks at me… the way he watches me through my bedroom window… the way he drags me deeper and deeper into his completely forbidden fantasy world just… turns me on. 
He knows it turns me on.
He holds all the power. He holds all the cards.
He holds my entire future in his hands.
And I have to give in.
Because Mr. Alesci is my teacher.
And I need everything he’s offering.

Alright, I have to confess to this book being on my shelf for well over a year- it came in one of my Bookworm Box subscriptions. I am fully kicking myself because this book was GREAT.

You know how I am, I'm fully honest with you when I review a book because ain't nobody got time for untruthful reviews, am I right? So when I started the book I was kind of worried what I had gotten into- it starts off with Shannon Drake finding out she's not going to graduate despite having more credits than required. She just doesn't have the right credits. So she's getting bad news, it's her 18th birthday, and she finds out that she'll be doing night school every day in an attempt to graduate. But you need to know that Shannon is an orphan, she's living with her brother in law and her niece because her sister (last living family member, aside from the niece who is only three months old) overdosed and died. Her situation is as bad as it honestly could get. So she goes to this night school and meets Mateo Alesci, her new Trigonometry teacher.

I KNOW. You're wondering if this is going to be a weird teacher/student sex thing.


But just as you're digesting that and trying to decide how you feel about that, all of a sudden Mateo and Shannon are having sex in this classroom and you're like, WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?! because she doesn't really consent. In my head I'm like, "that's rape!!" and Shannon kind of says that and Mateo, taken aback, is kind of upset about it.

Their relationship begins there and honest to baby Jesus, it's MESSED UP and the entire book you want to stop because this is all sorts of not OK, but you can't help it because it's really, really good, so you feel absolutely dirty. You basically feel like Shannon through the whole book, I suppose.

But it can't be all about that, Shannon's home life is still a mess and all of a sudden we have drugs, cops, social services, and just a really wild ride.

I finished this book in a day and a half because I could only read while I was waiting for kids at their activities and I'd really like to know what the other parents were thinking as I made the faces I made and said, "holy SHIT" repeatedly.

Everything about this book is 100% wrong. This relationship is straight up messed up but I don't even care because I loved it. If you like Christian Grey's bossiness but want vanilla, whip and nipple clamp free sex, with a larger story? This book is for you. If you are the most hardcore feminist.... probably gonna want to steer away from this one.

The best way to sum up this book is that I loved it so much I want every book this author has written. Give them ALL TO ME. I'm including both the Kindle and Paperback versions, because both are pretty inexpensive and we all read differently.

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