Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to Turn Your Mom Into A Monster

I know I've been cruising along with book reviews for grown ups, but I'm not forgetting the kids! I really love children's books and I have read many in my years as a mom! I have a 12, 9, 2, and 1 year old so I read quite a bit. I even did a stint at an elementary school library and I really enjoyed reading to those kids, showing them interesting books, and helping them find books that interest them. I'm convinced that if you can find the right book to spark that love, you can turn any kid into a reader for life.

Do you like smearing your lunch all over yourself? Do you fight with your sister just because she's there? Do you find yourself unable to go to bed because mysterious ninjas keep stealing your pajamas? Then you're a little monster! Guess what: Mom can be a monster too! It's up to you to make your mom's monster come out to play . . .

If ever there was a book that was a how-to on becoming my darling Penelope... it would be this one. I love that little two year old ball of spunk to the moon and back but man alive, she really wears me out. She brings you right to the brink of insanity and then does something cute or gets all cuddly and you can't help but let it all go. 

With Halloween right around the corner, I assumed this would be a Halloween inspired book but I was wrong! It's a really playful how-to book on how to turn your mom into a monster (or in adult speak, how to bring her to the edge of insanity like Penelope does). All of the actions in the book, "make a big mess" , "writing on the wall with lipstick" for instance, are all things that moms experience at least once during the super fun early parenting years. Also featured is a fun "Reason Chart" for why the child can't go to bed- they pick one word out of each of the three columns and that's their reason! One example was, "I can't go to sleep because the dinosaur tooted on my snacks." - exactly something you'd hear out of a reluctant sleeper, right? 

For example, I'm typing this review as I hear Penelope saying "morning" at the top of her lungs at the gate in her doorway even though it's only 8:11 p.m. She went to bed eleven minutes ago but she firmly believes she has had enough sleep. 

Save me. 

I've got to point out the illustrations because I'm a big believer that illustrations can really make or break a book. You could have a cute story but with the wrong illustrations, you aren't grabbing your intended audience. This book features brightly colored monsters throughout, different shapes and sizes. If you were a fan of the Monster's Inc Pixar movie, you will like this because these monsters could have fit right into that movie. Overall? I really loved this book. I read it to Penelope and Lucy and they really thought it was fun and Penelope learned what the word "tooted" meant and says it constantly. Ha!

If you are doing some holiday shopping and you have a young child to buy for, this is a really cute book they will enjoy.. and their parents not so much. Ha! You could pair it with some fun monster pajamas, maybe a monster stuffed animal, and some treats, for a really fun gift. I also thought this would be a fun book for a babysitter to read to kids before bed. Lucky for you, there is a giveaway opportunity for you! 

But if you aren't feeling lucky, you can always purchase the book on Amazon! 

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