Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Boo at the Zoo!

One of my favorite things to do with the kids around Halloween is go to our local Boo at the Zoo. It's kind of a sad little zoo that is kind of going downhill and the last few years there have been pushes to revive it, but I think unless they get millions of dollars to revamp it all over, it's not going to happen. It's a bummer because I like our little zoo and the kids really enjoy going to this every year.

It also needs to be mentioned that if you hear I'm going on a certain weekend- go when I go because we have always gone on the best weather day. It's held on two Saturdays in October and one is always really nice and the other is crap. My streak continues and this Saturday was so nice!

Costumes this year were kind of whipped together willy nilly. I don't usually go crazy with costumes anyways and it was never my thing to dress up and go big, so the kids get whatever is cheap.

BUT!! I had to spend $30 on Lucy's because is she not the most adorable flamingo you've ever seen?! Uh... I could squeeze her guts. She even walked around flapping her arms- I think she thought she was a real bird. So damn cute.

Olivia has two costumes this year, a Minnie Mouse and this... broken down baby doll, apparently. This is the one she's wearing for the Halloween dance at school and she's doing Minnie on Halloween when we go trick or treating. Auntie Kate is going to help with make up because she's pretty great at it and I can barely put my own on.

Jackson is Fantasia Mickey, Grandma Renae made his to match the hat he got at Disney with them last spring. He was pretty excited about it and he was thrilled to have a costume he can dress warmly under.. which is key because it's usually absolutely awful here on Halloween.

Oh, and Penelope. Not surprisingly, Penelope opted to be Princess Poppy from the Trolls movie, which we have seen countless times. It's her favorite. She really hated wearing the headband but I told her if she took it off they would kick us out of the zoo. 
You can see how she felt about that. I actually can't remember if this face is because of that or because I told her she absolutely could NOT eat rocks and she can't touch goose poop.

I'm the worst mother in the world.

Lucy remained chill the entire time, not a peep out of my little flamingo. She was content to ride around and was totally thrilled to get a lollipop and clung to that for dear life the entire way.

We don't get very many outings with all six of us but fall is like our last hurrah before winter comes, and I hate the cold so much so I don't leave my house unless I have to. And even then I try to get out of it.

Overall it was a good day. The kids had fun, they got some candy, Olivia enjoyed all of the Skittles she could because she gets braces next week and those will be on the no no list. Kind of sucks she's getting them before Halloween (for her) but it's a win (for me) because I get to eat her good candy.

That may or may not have been strategic scheduling.

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