Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Penelope in September

You didn't think I'd share a bunch of pictures of Lucy and forget about Penelope, did you?

Being two is really hard and I sometimes forget that. She's got big feelings in her little body, is just learning how to really communicate and behave, social expectations, all of this and more.... and it leaves me exhausted. The downside to such a big gap between kids is that I've lost a lot of my patience and I'm out of practice of all of it. Add to that all of my medical setbacks and I'm just so tired every day. She really tires me out.

But she's the sweetest little love bug. 
She sometimes forgets she's only two so she tries to things the big kids can do. 
Sometimes it works out. Sometimes she falls right off and bangs her head on the ground. 
She's trying to swing on her own but some days she wants to be little like Lucy again. 
She always hates the word no. Strongly. 
My favorite thing this month was my dad taking the dog out for a walk for me, and Penelope also demanding to go. The look on his face when I handed him Penelope's leash was pretty priceless! But this girl normally runs and doesn't listen worth a damn, so unless she's in the stroller, you really need it. So I snapped a quick picture of my dad holding two leashes on a walk!
Some days Penelope refuses to nap. That's always fun because I know by 4 p.m. we are going to be in full melt down mode for the next four hours until bed. Always a fun time. 
Her favorite movie this month is "Moana" and  we watch it a lot. On this day she was totally scared of the lava monster at the end, even though she knows how the movie ends because we've seen it well over 500 times this month alone, I'm sure of it.
The hour or so before lunch time is TOUGH. Penelope and Lucy are both getting hungry and tired, nobody wants to play nice, I can't handle watching anymore Daniel Tiger,  and it's just prime for crying. My solution has been to find some sensory things the girls can do together and this month was noodles and rice. I don't have room for a big table or box to put it in so I'm making do with bowls.

I sweep a lot. My mom vacuums my house a lot.
Oh! Both Penelope and Lucy absolutely love the My Pillow commercials. A lot. It doesn't matter what they are doing they will always stop to watch the entire thing.
Penelope is an absolute goof ball. She's like 75% potty trained, too! She only needs a pull up for times she goes to bed and when we go out but we don't have accidents. I forgot where we were and she told me she had to go potty and off we went to the public bathroom and she totally went! I was really surprised but thrilled. I just need to take her out more to get used to no pull up all day. 
This past weekend the big kids were gone to their friend's birthday parties so Matt and I took just the little girls out to eat and to get some ice cream. This was the first time Penelope got her OWN, not sharing with me and she was totally thrilled! After I snapped this picture I had a memory of a picture of me around her age and I thought we looked a lot alike.
My cute self at age 2. I don't know where this picture was taken, what was going on, nothing, but Penelope looks a lot like me. Lucy looks like me in a different way so I'm kind of thrilled these two have some traits of mine- Olivia and Jackson favor their dad.

So that was September. I'm hoping in October we can do some more family things together and that I can get some pictures of all of us.

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Shann Eva said...

Adorable! I had to use leashes with the twins too. They would go opposite ways, and I would just stand there, not knowing which one to chase. Hope you all have a fantasic October!