Monday, April 16, 2018

Book Review: 1001 Ways to be Creative

You know why I picked this one, don't you?

1,001 Ways to be Creative- A Little Book of Everyday Inspiration - Barbara Ann Kipfer
Let your imagination run wild! Whatever your passion, this exquisite book invites you to dive in and harness the creativity within. Filled with glorious illustrations, these colorful pages overflow with whimsical ideas, helpful tips, inspiring quotes, and endless encouragement to help you find a life of fulfillment through the power in ingenuity. 

You know that I am such a fan of the National Geographic store and their gift books and this one is another example why. If I can just get nerdy really quick with you, these books are the best size (6.25 x 6.75) and it's almost a perfect little cube in your hands. It's a small enough size to throw in your purse or your bag and read it on your commute or to give as a gift. I just love these little books and they make me so happy to page through them to get ideas and inspiration.

Some of them are rather broad "create a happy family life" and some are things you an tackle in a day "train a dog to play Frisbee". Some are questions left to ponder about yourself or maybe ask your friend or partner what their answer would be, "Are you afraid to call yourself creative? What part of the word's definition do you believe you don't fulfill?"

I've used this for myself to help get my creative juices flowing again but it actually made a great boredom buster for my older kids. When they spend too much time on their devices we unplug and find something creative to do and this one was helpful, they fought over looking for ideas!

This would make a fantastic gift for a friend and maybe pair it up with some interesting art supplies or a coloring book with funky crayons. Maybe you have someone in your life who needs a little pick me up? This is for them. Great little book!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

How cute! I love these little books too. And that's awesome the older kids enjoyed it as well.


Neely said...

I feel like this would be such an inspiring book to have on hand!

Love, Sawyer said...

This sounds like a great book to have around!