Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Weight Loss Wednesday.. doing it, doing it, doing it now

Despite having a ROUGH couple of weeks, I've actually been pretty alright with my weight loss goals. I haven't lost any weight yet but I have been active almost every day.

March 26 - 31: I rode on my recumbent bike every day before lunch for 3 miles, 25 minutes. I've been doing that as Penelope and Lucy's lunch is cooking and that's kind of an ideal time to do it.

April 1 - 8: I rode on my recumbent bike every day for 3 miles, 25 minutes again, AND I did the Beachbody YouV2 program twice that week. That's a fairly low impact workout that lasts 30 minutes. I can't make the full 30 minutes but I'm working my way into it and the most I've done is 17 minutes and that was exhausting. I have to skip a day in between because it takes a full day to recover and be able to move. I also went for a 1.5 mile walk one night at the YMCA with my friend Tammy.

So far this week I only have done my recumbent bike once, but tonight I'm back at it plus I'm going to the YMCA to walk with a friend. I might go by myself on Thursday, we'll see. Friday for sure. I have to start getting use out of my membership plus getting out of the house will be helpful for me.

I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app again onto my phone and I can't remember my username. Sorry. But I have been doing well tracking my meals and I'm WAY under my daily calorie intake allotment so I'm not sure why weight isn't just falling off of me. Maybe it's my medications but I'm on such a low dose of steroids, I don't know if I can blame that anymore. Maybe. It's frustrating, though.

Next week I have my photo shoot and I still look pregnant, and even better, I have the equivalent of diaper rash between my fat rolls on my stomach by my c-section scar. So hot. I've never had that as a common occurrence before so that's something.

Alright. I'm going to keep at it, keep trying.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Go you! And I think it might be harder for you to lose weight due to a variety of your medications maybe? That's the only thing I can think of, because eating well and being so active should definitely be helping you lose it. But seriously, good job. Keep at it!! I know it's tough when nothing seems to be changing - aka losing weight - but you ARE getting healthier and becoming stronger, and that's good.


Life Love & High Heels said...

Despite the low calorie intake, are you eating well? Fruits/vegetables etc?? I know you’re picky! You’re doing better at working out than I am. The gym manager actually emailed me and asked where I’ve been. Ugh.