Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Book Review: My Billionaire Fake Fiance

I have my Christmas tree up. I've purchased gifts. I bought Christmas candy (and have eaten a lot of it already). I've got my card list done. It's safe to say I'm in the Christmas mood, so let's read some holiday books.

My Billionaire Fake Fiance - Linda West
He needs a fiance to seal the deal. 
She needs a Christmas miracle to save her home. 
A perfect deal is struck. 
Except they can't stand each other. And so our story begins...
But the fickle snow flurries of fate might have something in store for the odd couple they never counted on. After all - Christmas miracles really do come true. 
You know I love a good enemies to lovers story because that is a trope that, when done well, makes the book a fun read all the way through. While this was a cute read and had some fun moments, I think it doesn't get past 3 stars for me and I almost feel like I'm limping there. I will say, this was a pretty good book to snuggle up with under my freshly decorated Christmas tree so if you're looking for a quick, light-heated Christmas read, this might be a good pick for you.

I feel like I might be in the minority because it seems many people really loved this book so take my review for what it is, an opinion. Overall it felt a little hokey and over the top. Early on there is a dialogue scene with Devlin (our male lead) and his "Latina Goddess" Sofia and there is a line, "Stupid New Jork surgeons...I chould move back to Spain...". Now- I know the author is trying to give us the impression of a heavy, perhaps overdone accent, but come on. Let the reader infer that on their own and don't make me question if this is an attempt at an accent or terrible editing. I also didn't love Allie (our female lead) because she seemed.... out of touch,, immature, rude, spoiled, etc. I just really didn't like her. She wasn't very nice to her dad, and I understand grief over losing her mom but the dynamic there did feel good to me.

I had issues throughout the book that I think someone who doesn't read romance almost exclusively and a wide variety of them, would overlook and enjoy this book more. I'm all over the place and I read a huge spectrum of authors and romance types, and this one didn't hit the spot for me. I'm also someone who can't stand Hallmark movies of any kind, especially Christmas ones, so that tells you something about me, right? I think if you are a Hallmark fan, you're going to really enjoy this one because this is for that audience.


Thank you to Pump Up Your Book tours for having me on this tour and to author Linda West for providing a copy for me to review. All thoughts are my own, of course. This post contains affiliate links. 

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